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We've reviewed your feedback about the process for the 2019 automatically calculated income tax assessments, and are making the following changes for the coming year.

  • We will not issue automatically calculated assessments for clients of agents.
  • Unless a client is already an IR3 filer, we'll issue a Request for more information which needs to be finalised by the tax agent.
  • Tax agents will have until 31 March 2021 to complete their clients' assessment.

What this means for tax agents

  • We'll direct your clients to you if they ask us about the automatically calculated assessment process.
  • You'll need to review and update the income and expenses for all of your clients, even when no additional information is required.

What this means for clients

  • To get their assessment finalised, your clients will need to wait for you to confirm their information.
  • Working for Families assessments will be worked out when the client's family income has been confirmed.