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COVID-19 - Level 1 If you've been affected by COVID-19, we may be able to help. Find out more

We will write-off any penalties and interest for businesses unable to pay taxes on time due to the impact of COVID-19.

Don’t worry about contacting us right now. Get in touch with us when you can.

We’re working hard to provide essential services for business and individual customers during this stressful and difficult time. We'll still make payments, including to Working for Families customers.

To help get correct payments to people we would like employers to still file their returns as normal. This helps us work out the right amounts for people and helps the Government continue to respond to what is happening in the economy.

Contacting us during the lockdown

Our phone services are severely limited, the most effective way to contact us is in myIR. Our front office services are closed and almost all staff are working from home.

We are still working on all critical matters related to tax entitlements and payment obligations. We know these are matters causing real stress and uncertainty and we are working urgently to provide as much certainty as quickly as we can.

COVID-19 and how we can help

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is the government organisation responsible for administering the wage subsidy. Contact MSD if you have any questions about it.

Work and Income COVID-19 support (

Wage subsidies

We have some tax-related guidance for employers about wage subsidies. It is important employers pass on the wage subsidies to workers and process them as part of the employee's normal wages. All deductions,such as PAYE, KiwiSaver and child support, should be made as normal.

If the total wage,the subsidy plus the employer funded pay, is the same wage as before, the pay and deductions on your worker's payslip should be the same.

Employers won’t be liable for income tax or GST on the MSD subsidy and can not claim an income tax deduction for wages paid out of the wage subsidy.

Payment options

As we’ve already said, if a business can not pay its taxes on time due to the impact of COVID19, we will understand.

 If you can pay there are several options - internet banking or using myIR are the easiest.

Businesses can also set up direct debit payments through their myIR account or ake credit card or debit card payments over the phone.

Make a payment

Westpac's opening hours 

Westpac offices will be open one day a week (Wednesdays) during the Level- 4, four-week nationwide lockdown in response to COVID-19. As a result, taxpayers who pay their tax obligations via their local Westpac branch will only be able to do so on Wednesdays.

If your business is unable to pay its taxes on time due to the impact of COVD-19, we understand, you don’t need to contact us right now. Get in touch with us when you can, and we’ll remit any penalties and interest.

 Westpac’s new branch opening hours (  

Instalment arrangements

We’re lowering the threshold for instalment arrangements set up in myIR. The new minimum repayment rates are:

  • Weekly $20 (was $50).
  • Fortnightly $40 (was $100)
  • Monthly $80 (was $200).

Compliance activity

We know this is a concerning time for tax agents and customers and we want to support you wherever we can through any current audits or disputes. We understand you’re under a lot of pressure and that there's uncertainty at the moment. We want to work with you on a case by case basis. This may be by delaying the progress of an audit or dispute for a period.

Extension of time

We have extended the timeframe for filing Basic Compliance Packages (BCPs). The new due date is 30 June 2020.

Please forward any questions to