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In April this year, we deployed the latest release of our Business Transformation programme. As part of this process, we put on hold our regular reviewing of payday filing employment information returns. As of this week, we will start this process of reviewing employer accounts to ensure filing for May 2020 has been done. This will include reviewing whether employers have not filed, or have filed less than we expect for the month.

Our policing approach

There are three stages to our policing approach, and a notice will be sent for each stage. 


The first time in a 12-month period that we identify a customer has not filed the expected number of Employment Information returns for a month, we'll send a reminder.


The second time we identify a customer hasn't filed the expected number of EI returns for a month within a 12-month period, we will issue the customer with a warning.


After the third time in a 12-month period we identify a customer hasn't filed the expected number of EI returns for a month, they will be issued with a penalty.

If an employee has already received a warning or penalty in the last 12 months, then a penalty will be applied for May 2020.

We're aware that this may drive more contact from employers to their respective payroll software or service providers, and hope that this advance warning will help reduce this contact.

If an employer feels a penalty or warning has been unfairly applied, they can contact us to discuss.

Payday filing

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