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GST group registration information missing from account registration details link

Currently there is an issue with GST group registration details not being visible in myIR. This issue is currently being investigated. In the meantime, there are things you can do to view this information.

Tax intermediary owners or administrators with access to the client list report in myIR

This report shows which customers are GST groups in your client list, under the ‘Group filing member/ representative’ column. To view the report:

  • Once logged in, select Intermediary Centre
  • From the menu select Agency Reports and click Client List Report
  • Select the relevant client list that is to be accessed and click ‘Run report’
  • Click Export

When you open the report in the GST section there is a ‘Group Filing Member/Representative’ column.

All other logons with access to the GST account (including logons who are not tax intermediaries)

On the myIR GST account panel, the options that are viewed under ‘More…’ (on the right-hand side of the panel) will change depending on the GST registration. If a client is registered as a GST group, the ‘Manage account’ questions change from ‘Register as a GST Group’ to ‘Cancel/Update GST Group registration’.

These workarounds won’t allow an intermediary to distinguish between a group member and a group representative, but this will be available when we resolve the issue.

Imputation group and Income tax group details

In the new version of myIR, imputation group registration information and consolidated group (previously income tax group) registration information will sit under the Income tax registration details in the income tax account. You will see information for the groups you belong to (if any). However, this information is currently missing.

We are investigating this issue and will provide more information when it has been fixed, or we find a workaround.

Last updated: 11 Nov 2021
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