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We have already received several Individual income tax return - IR3s for 31 March 2021 from tax agents. This is a reminder that from the 2021 income tax year, portfolio investment entity (PIE) income must be included in all individual income tax returns.

Returns filed in myIR or the Return service in software will not contain all the PIE information until after we've received the PIE reconciliation files due on the 17 May 2021. Please wait until after this date to file IR3s unless you know for sure your client is not a KiwiSaver member and does not have any other PIE income.

For users of the Return service, reportable income (such as salary, wages, schedular payments and PIE income) is no longer sent to your software as a summary of earnings once a year. You will be able to retrieve this for each client as you prepare each return. Talk to your software provider if you want to know how you can do this and when they will be making this function available to you.