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We're aware of an issue in myIR where an L letter will not send if a client has D status for an earlier tax year. The message displays “This client has a current D (Deferred) status request".

This issue only affects non-individual clients who have had a D status approved in any past tax year. All other L letters should be able to be issued in myIR or the tax agents self-service line, 0800 456 678.

As we’ve not been able to resolve this issue by the L letter cut-off date 15 February, you’ll need to contact your client directly requesting their records and then apply for D status for them in myIR. Follow the steps below to apply for D status in myIR:

  1. Go to the Tax preparer tab and select “D status request”.
  2. Enter your client’s IRD number and select “15 May” as the deferred date.
  3. Select “Other non-personal circumstances beyond the client's control” as the reason, then paste the following into the text box “Unable to issue 2020 L Letter for non-individual due to D status approval in a prior year”.
  4. Complete the declaration and submit your request.

Cut-off for these D status requests is 15 February 2021, the same as for L letters.

After the third target date (mid-February) we’ll update you on the national filing performance. Please contact your account manager if you have any concerns.