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We’ve received feedback about payments for the first 2021 provisional tax instalment due 28 August 2020.

When using the standard option, a provisional tax assessment is only added to an account after the previous year’s return is filed.

You still need to make a payment when there is no provisional tax assessment on your account. Our standard option page has information on how to work out what is due.

Standard option

Paying your first instalment for 2021

You can pay us in different ways including electronically, at Westpac, or over the phone. You’re not able to pay provisional tax payments by direct debit when there is no assessment on the account.

You’ll need to make your payment to your Income tax account for the year ending 31 March 2021.

Ways of paying

Instalment arrangements

If you want an instalment arrangement when there is no provisional assessment on your account, you’ll need to either:

file your 2020 income tax return

estimate your provisional tax.

If you chose to estimate your provisional tax, you cannot use the standard option for the rest of the year. If you underestimate your provisional tax you could be charged penalties and interest.

Estimation option

COVID-19 impacts

Please contact us if you’ve been impacted by COVID-19. We can update your account to remove penalties and interest once the full instalment has been paid.