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We’re aware of an issue where the filed returns summary is missing from the EMP account. In the previous version of myIR this summary displayed the breakdown of total employer deductions for an assessment, based on the monthly or twice monthly period.

We are developing a solution for this in the new version of myIR.

We are very aware that some customers require this summary to reconcile their payments due on 5 November 2021. So, in the meantime, customers can create a report in myIR that provides this information.

To do this, customers can filter using the due date under the period that they're wanting to view. You can find this from the 'Returns and Transactions' link under the 'Period' tab. (Note that any child support deductions to be included will need to be searched using a due date of the 20th of the month or the next business day where the 20th is a non-business day.)

Step 1. Select Returns and transactions from your Payroll account.

Step 2. Click on the period that's due that you're wanting to view.

Step 3. Using the filter, enter the due date that you want to view the summary for.

If you wish to include child support in your calculations:

  • first filter using the due date
  • then filter for the child support deductions (either by that due date or by transaction type) separately
  • then add the child support amount to the total.

Now that all tax and social policy products are in our new system (START), the information will be more accurate, resulting in fewer over and under payments.

We will communicate to customers when we have a better representation of the filed returns summary for future filing periods.

Last updated: 03 Nov 2021
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