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End of tax year We’re sending income tax assessments out from late-May until the end of July. Find out more

Based on your feedback we’ve developed a Return acknowledgement notice. We’ll issue a Return acknowledgement after the income tax return has been processed to confirm we’ve received it, and accepted the figures as they’ve been returned.

If we’ve amended some of the figures on the income tax return while processing it, we’ll issue a Notice of assessment instead of a Return acknowledgement.

The Return acknowledgement will be issued for the following income tax returns filed from now on:

  • Individual income tax return – IR3
  • Non-resident individual tax return – IR3NR
  • Companies income tax return – IR4 (including the Annual imputation return – IR4J)
  • Trust or estate income tax return – IR6
  • Māori authority income tax return – IR8 (including the Māori authority credit account return – IR8J)
  • Clubs and societies tax return – IR9
  • Registered superannuation funds income tax return – IR44.

These notices will be sent to tax agents if there is a redirect in place. They are also available in myIR, in the “All client mail report” and document service in certain software.