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Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) Businesses affected by the alert level increase that started on 17 August are able to apply for a Resurgence Support Payment. Find out more

COVID-19 - Our offices are currently closed for customer visits so we can support the government’s COVID response. We will contact you if you have already booked an appointment with us. You can still contact us and get help.    Contact us

Westpac offices will be open one day a week (Wednesdays) during the nationwide lockdown in response to COVID-19. As a result, taxpayers who pay their tax obligations at their local Westpac branch will only be able to do so on Wednesdays. You’ll need to know:

  • the opening hours for select branches are from 10am to 1pm
  • which branches are open during the lockdown by checking Westpac’s website.

Westpac’s new branch opening hours (

Given these limited hours please first consider using our online payment options if at all possible.

If your business is unable to pay its taxes on time due to the impact of COVD-19, we understand, you don’t need to contact us right now. Get in touch with us when you can, and we’ll remit any penalties and interest.

It would help if you continue to file however, as the information is used to make correct payments to people, and to help the Government continue to respond to what is happening in the economy.

There are other ways you can pay your tax, via internet banking or using myIR. You can make credit card or debit card payments or set up direct debit payments through your myIR account.

Ways to pay


Kiri owns a small café in Greymouth. She has not yet set up any internet banking for her business and so visits her local Westpac branch to pay her bills at the end of every Friday. Kiri pays all her tax bills over the counter with the help of a teller at Westpac. For the GST period due 28 March 2020, Lisa was intending on paying her tax bill on Friday 27 March when she goes in to do all her other banking. As a result of Westpac’s reduced branch operating hours, she is unable to make her GST payment until 1 April, at which point it is over-due.

Kiri still files her GST return, however, as her GST payment is made late, UOMI and LPP are automatically applied.

Kiri gets in touch with us when she is able to and, as a result of the impacts of COVID-19 and the related circumstances, we will write off any UOMI and LPP that have been charged on Kiri’s March GST account.

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