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Working for Families Tax Credits Ngā tukunga tāke me whakaruruhau te iwi

Types of changes

Changes in your family or income can change your payment amount. To avoid an overpayment, you should let us know when anything changes.

Changes that affect your entitlement

During the year we'll continue to pay you according to the information we hold, unless you tell us otherwise. It's very important that you contact us about any changes in your family or income situation immediately so that we can work out your new entitlement and help you avoid an overpayment.

Any delay in changing your information may mean that you're underpaid or will be overpaid and will have to pay us back.

Changes we need to know about include

  • a change in income
  • starting or coming off a benefit
  • a partner change
  • children coming into or leaving your care
  • shared care arrangements
  • changing the bank account you want your payments made to.
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Your guide to hassle-free Working for Families Tax Credits

Watch this video about the types of changes that may affect your entitlement.

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Information transfer from Work and Income

If you're coming off a benefit, Work and Income will automatically transfer your details to us. This way, you can continue to receive family tax credits if you're still entitled to them. It is important you check your family details and estimated family income are accurate using My family details and income online service

Family changes

Changes in your family include any of the following:

  • A child joins your family eg you have a baby.
  • Your parenting arrangements change eg you now have shared care of the children.
  • Relationship changes eg your partner has moved in or out.
  • A child is no longer dependent eg a child leaves school to start work and becomes financially independent.
  • Your shared care arrangements change eg the times you have the children in your care changes.
  • You leave New Zealand permanently.

Income changes

Changes in your income include any of the following:

  • Your employment status changes, eg you change from a salary or wage to self-employed earnings.
  • You get a different type of income, eg you come off a benefit and start work, or change from a salary or wage to a student allowance.
  • Your weekly working hours change and affect your income, eg you change from full-time to part-time employment.
  • Your estimated family income increases or decreases, eg you or your spouse receive a pay rise.
  • You or your spouse or partner are off work for three months or longer, and you receive accident compensation.
  • You have any of the other income types and adjustments that are required as part of your family income. Find out about additional types of income and adjustments.
  • You have taxable income from a property sale.

If the number of hours you, or you and your partner work each week changes, it may affect your eligibility for in-work tax credit and minimum family tax credit. You can update these details directly using My family details and income online service.

Other changes we need to know

We also need to know about any changes to your:

  • or your partner's and/or your children’s country of residence. If any of you leave New Zealand we will need to establish if you're still eligible to receive your current entitlement
  • bank or building society accounts so that we can direct credit your payments to the correct account and you don't miss out on any payments
  • personal details to make sure that we contact and pay the right person. Tell us about a change of personal details using our Have you changed your name, address or phone number? form (IR238)
  • child support paid or received, from Inland Revenue or a private arrangement, as this may change your Working for Families Tax Credits entitlement.

How to contact us about your changes

Step-by-step use of myIR

  1. Log in to myIR
  2. Choose My family details and income under tools on the right-hand menu
  3. On the About this service page, scroll down and click Start.
    • Check your spouse or partner details: Select Update listed spouse or partner details to add or remove a partner.
    • Check your family’s current income details: Select Update income details to make income changes.
    • Check your children’s current details: Select Add a new child (or add a new period of care for an existing child).
    • Update your bank account details: Select Check your payment options to update your bank account or change the frequency that you receive payments. The bank account must be in the name of the Principal Caregiver or a joint account with the Principal Caregiver.
    • Review your changes: Be sure to read the privacy information and if you agree with the declaration and then accept changes.

Note: In most cases your changes will update immediately. You must make changes before Thursday at 6pm for the following week's payments. In some cases it can take 5 working days to update and we may need to call you to clarify some details.


Update your family and income details directly with our My family details and income online service.

You can change your:

  • details, working hours and income
  • partner's details, working hours and income
  • children's details
  • bank account number you want your payments to go to and
  • payment frequency (ie weekly, fortnightly, annually).

Secure mail

You can also email us. Send us a message explaining what has changed using our Secure mail service.