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Working for Families Tax Credits Ngā tukunga tāke me whakaruruhau te iwi

Coming off a Work and Income benefit

Coming off a benefit and starting work can be stressful. Here are some guidelines to help make the process easier for you.

Transfer of information

If you're coming off a benefit, Work and Income will automatically transfer your details to us. This way, you can continue to receive Working for Families Tax Credit if you are still entitled to them. This can take up to 10 working days.

If you request it, you may continue to receive your family tax credit from Work and Income for two weeks (or up to eight in some circumstances), these payments are called transition payments.


To make sure you receive all your entitlements, follow these guidelines when you cancel your benefit.

  • Provide your wages and hours information to Work and Income when you cancel your benefit with us or after you have cancelled.
  • Ensure we have:
    • IRD numbers for yourself, your partner/ex-partner and your children
    • Your correct address and phone number.
  • Estimate your income for the tax year from ALL sources.

Types of Working for Families Tax Credits

There are four types of Working for Families Tax Credits. You may qualify for more than one type of tax credit if you are not in receipt of a Work and Income benefit.

Find out more about Types of Working for Families Tax Credits.

Child Support

While you're on a sole parent or unsupported child's benefit from Work and Income, you'll only receive child support if we've collected more than your net benefit.

Once you come off the benefit, any child support collected is paid directly to you.

If you are unsure, please contact us on 0800 221 221.

How to contact us about your changes


Update your family and income details directly with our My family details and income online service.

You can change your:

  • details, working hours and income
  • partner's details, working hours and income
  • children's details
  • bank account number you want your payments to go to and
  • payment frequency (ie weekly, fortnightly, annually).

Secure mail

You can also email us. Send us a message explaining what has changed using our Secure mail service.

Calculate your entitlement online

Our online calculator helps you estimate your Working for Families entitlement:

Enter the required information and the calculator will estimate your entitlement. The help text will guide you as you work through the calculator, which will take about 10 minutes to complete.

The calculator will not provide an accurate result if:

  • the number of dependent children in your care changes often
  • you currently receive Working for Families Tax Credits
  • you qualify for the minimum family tax credit and you receive income other than salary or wages
  • your "other income" adjustments total to a negative amount.

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