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Payroll News - 2008

Payroll News is a monthly newsletter for the person who deals with payroll in your business. You can subscribe to receive email notification of when each issue is published.

Payroll News Issue 113 December 2008

In this issue: filing employer deduction forms online, an update from KiwiSaver, employee start and finish dates, holiday pay and child support deductions, and our services and payment due dates over the holidays.

Payroll News Issue 112 November 2008

In this issue: Tips on using tax codes on the Employer monthly schedule (IR348) (EMS), your improved access to online services, adding up your Employer deductions (IR345) and Employer monthly schedule (IR348) (EMS) forms, large employer monthly filing, using the GAP payment code, imputation credit accounts (ICAs), and EMS non-payment penalties.

Payroll News Issue 111 October 2008

In this issue: The new demo ir-File site, helping your employees ensure they are using the right tax codes, update on implementing tax rate changes, Child support codes on IR348, Employers deducting more than $100,000 PAYE and ESCT, KiwiSaver refunds, Large employers filing of employer monthly schedules and Having trouble paying your employer monthly schedule on time? This issue of Payroll News had an error in the article 'Large employers filing of the employer monthly schedules (EMS)'. This has been amended in the read online and downloadable versions below.

Payroll News Issue 110 September 2008

In this issue: The new PAYE deduction tables from 1 October 2008, a change to online services, the new postal standards, a note on a new tax bill introduced, and treatment of ESCT (employer superannuation contribution tax) in calculating your employer tax credit (ETC).

Payroll News Issue 109 August 2008

In this issue: New and improved access to Online Services, an update on implementing 1 October tax rate changes, an update from KiwiSaver and delayed KiwiSaver opt-outs, information on new ID documents individuals can use when applying for an IRD number, a new website for small and medium businesses, and a reminder about filing the Employer deductions (IR 345) form correctly.

Payroll News Issue 108 July 2008

In this issue: a thank you from Child Support, a reminder on how to complete the new Employer deductions form, an update on KiwiSaver, the introduction of nine-digit IRD numbers and some information on grace periods for late payments.

Payroll News Issue 107 May/June 2008

In this issue we tell you about employee tax code requirements, a KiwiSaver update, and recognised seasonal employers.

Payroll News Issue 105 March 2008

In this issue we tell you about the new-look IR 345, ways you can help us process your KiwiSaver contributions more efficiently, and prescribed investor rates.

Payroll News Issue 106 April 2008

In this issue we tell you about EMS non-payment penalties, a new process for getting an IRD number, redundancy tax credits and a KiwiSaver update.

Payroll News Issue 104 February 2008

In this issue we tell you about completing your employer monthly schedule, helping your employees choose the correct tax code and when you'll receive the new PAYE deduction tables.


Date published: 05 Feb 2008

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