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Payroll News - 2006

Payroll News is a monthly newsletter for the person who deals with payroll in your business. You can subscribe to receive email notification of when each issue is published.

Payroll News Issue 92 December 2006

In this issue we tell you about calculating holiday pay, employing seasonal or casual workers and our business hours over Christmas and New Year.

Payroll News Issue 91 November 2006

In this issue we tell you about "What's Tax?" - the website for young employees, holiday pay and child support deductions, when penalties and interest are charged, Unable to pay on time?, nil wages or deductions - reminder, tax code declaration, due dates for large employers in November, infoexpress, provisional tax.

Payroll News Issue 90 October 2006

In this issue we tell you about KiwiSaver a new work-based savings initiative, need help with preparing your wage records? Future changes to IRD numbers, tax treatent of employee allowances and do you hire fishers or share fishers?

Payroll News Issue 85 May 2006

In this issue we tell you about the increase in child rebate, employees with student loans using the M tax code, lump sum payments, temporary tax exemption for foreign income for new migrants and returning residents, using our website, do you make electronic payments? And agricultural industry - correction.

Payroll News Issue 89 September 2006

In this issue we tell you about shearers, shed-hands and shearing contractors, your responsibilities if you change your business, protected net earnings and child support and payments not liable for ACC earners' levy.

Payroll News Issue 88 August 2006

In this issue we tell you about treating your employees as contractors, tax payments received in time, shortfall penalty - possible cancellation, retiring allowances and redundancy payments, and employing staff and the no-declaration rate.

Payroll News Issue 87 July 2006

In this issue we tell you about why PAYE amounts don't always match, paid parental leave changes from 1 July 2006, thanks - from Child Support, child support deduction notices, keeping records, provisional tax and helping your employees access family assistance.

Payroll News Issue 86 June 2006

In this issue we tell you about the topics we've been asked to cover, personal tax summary (PTS), using the IR344 amendment form, web tools for your employees, payment due date for large employers, subscribing to Payroll News and IR345 and IR348 - reminder.

Payroll News Issue 84 April 2006

In this issue we tell you about changes to the withholding tax rules for agricultural industry, special tax code certificates - error, PAYE calculators, workers engaged in "activity in the community" projects, have you ceased employing? Child Support - language line and the 2006 income tax timetable.

Payroll News Issue 83 March 2006

In this issue we tell you about the changes to PAYE deduction tables from 1 April 2006, hiring contractors and deducting withholding tax, certificates of exemtpion, special tax code certificates, future changes to IRD number, WorkSite/PaeMahi and payment due date for large employers.

Payroll News Issue 82 February 2006

In this issue we tell you about the 2007 tax tables, child support deduction notices that you may receive in March, and the new look deduction notices.


Date published: 05 Oct 2004

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