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Child support
Turuki Tamariki
Changes in your circumstances

Find out what you need to do when you have a change in circumstances that may affect your child support arrangements.

What is child support?

An explanation of how child support works, its aims and an explanation of what is not a child support issue. Note too that child support is different from Working for Families Tax Credits.

Information for paying parents

Find out how much child support you will have to pay, how to make payments and how to avoid getting into debt. This section also includes information about your responsibilities if you live in Australia and also what to do if your circumstances change.

Information for custodians

Find out what your entitlement to child support may be and how and when payments can be made to you. Also included is information about the details we need to know to ensure you get the right amount and what to do if you get overpaid.

Voluntary agreements

Find out who can enter into a voluntary agreement to pay child support, how to register an agreement and how it works.

Domestic maintenance

Domestic maintenance is paid by one person to another when they divorce or separate. It is either a court order, or voluntary agreement and is for New Zealand citizens or residents.



Date published: 23 Oct 2004

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