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Tell us when your circumstances change

It's important to tell us when your circumstances change. Some changes will affect the child support formula assessment, keeping us up-to-date means we can assess you correctly.

You need to tell us if:

  • you change your address or contact details
  • you're going overseas
  • you start to provide care for your child (or children) for 28% (103 nights) or more of the time
  • there is a change to the level of care you provide for your child (or children)
  • your income changes (parents only)
  • you start or stop receiving a benefit from Work and Income
  • you start living with the person you pay child support to, or receive child support from
  • any of your children start working full time (30 hours or more), receiving a benefit or student allowance, or starting living with a person in a marriage, civil union or de facto relationship
  • any of your children leave your care
  • you change your bank accounts
  • any child you pay or receive child support for is no longer a New Zealand citizen or ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • you have any other changes which may affect your child support calculation.

You can tell us about any changes by:


You need to tell us about a change within 28 days of the change occurring. If you delay telling us you may end up paying or receiving too much child support.

You need to tell us if your situation changes even if you have already told Work and Income.

You may also need to contact us about your Working for Families Tax Credits.