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Child support
Turuki Tamariki

Penalties on late child support payments

If you do not pay on time, we are required to charge you a penalty.

We'll send a notice advising you of this and how much you have been charged. Your statement of account will also list any penalties owing.

If your full child support amount is not paid on time, you are charged a penalty of either $5 or 10% of the unpaid amount, whichever is the greater.

A further penalty of 2% (or $1, whichever is the greater) of the total overdue amount, including penalties that have already been incurred, will be added for each month that the amount remains unpaid.

Chris did not pay his monthly assessment for May of $100. He received a $10 penalty (which was 10% of the amount due) on the 20th of June. He now owes $110. If he does not pay this amount in full by 20 July, he will be charged a penalty of 2% of the total overdue amount of $110.

If you do not pay your child support on time, we may need to deduct your child support from your:

  • wages/salary - we will require your employer to deduct child support from your salary or wages each payday
  • ACC payments
  • tax refunds
  • bank accounts or
  • from any other money that may be payable to you - such as a trust account and superannuation payouts.

We can also take legal action against you. But we will always try to work out a payment agreement with you before taking any legal action.


Date published: 14 Oct 2004

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