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Child support liable parents forms and guides

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Acknowledgment of paternity

Form to complete to acknowledge to us that you are the father of a child, if no other proof exists.


Application for an administrative review IR470

An application to have the amount of formula-assessed child support you pay or receive reviewed under one or more of the twelve qualifying grounds.


Application to assess child support

Parents of qualifying children can apply for a formula assessment of child support. If you're a parent living in Australia, you must apply for child support through the Australian Department of Human Services (DHS).


Cancellation of child support income estimation

Complete this form if you want to cancel the estimate of your taxable income for your child support assessment. You can also complete this form online.


Change of circumstances IR116

Use this form if you have any new or updated information for us about a change in your child support circumstances


Child support - estimating your income

You can estimate your income for all of the child support year or any time during the child support year. If you estimate for the whole year the election period is from 1 April to 31 March which is 365 days.


Child support - hospital patients

This guide sets out the child support responsibilities of liable parents who are long-term hospital patients.


Child support - non-parent carers (IR1023)

This factsheet tells you how someone can qualify as a child's non-parent carer and apply for child support.


Child support - prisoners

This guide sets out the child support responsibilities of prison inmates.


Child support - repayment of debt

Use this form to work out how much you can pay towards your child support debt (if you're a liable parent) or your overpayment (if you're a receiving carer).


Child support - voluntary agreements

This factsheet provides information about voluntary agreements for child support. It explains who can have a voluntary agreement and what information we need.


Child support payment slip

A slip to attach to manual (cheque) child support payments you make to us.


Child support review - response by other party IR471

A form for you to respond if you've been notified by us that the liable parent or receiving carer has applied for a review of formula-assessed child support.


Child support review - statement of financial position

Use this form to provide information about your financial position if you are having a child support review. Completing this form will help the review officer to determine how any change to the child support assessment would affect each party. Completing this form is optional. Information you provide will be passed on to the other party to the review.


Ground 5 - high cost of contact worksheet

This is a supplementary form to the Application for an administrative review (IR470) when the high cost of access is one of the grounds for your application.


Helping you to understand child support (IR100)

This guide provides all the information required for liable parents and receiving carers when they begin paying or receiving child support.


Helping you to understand child support and the Family Court

This guide sets out your options on how and where to apply if you disagree with any decision made by us.


Helping you to understand child support reviews (IR175)

When a person applies for a child support assessment, we use a formula as set out in the Child Support Act 1991 to work out payments. If you believe the assessment is unfair, you may be able to ask for a review. Find out how to apply in the guide.


Helping you to understand recognised care (IR156)

This guide is for people who currently share or intend to share the care of children. It explains how recognised care will affect child support payments.


Notice of objection - child support IR119

Use this form to show grounds for any objections about child support. Either party can object to a decision or assessment


Persons under 16 years exemption - application

If you're a liable person under 16 years old (or have recently turned 16) and want an exemption from paying child support, you may be able to use this form.


Prisoner and hospital patient exemption - application

If you're a prison inmate or hospital patient you can apply for an exemption from paying child support or domestic maintenance.


Registration of a court order for child support

Use this form to register a court order for the payment of child support.


Registration of domestic maintenance

Use this form to register a voluntary agreement or court order for the payment of domestic maintenance.


Request for parent information IR103

Use this form if you are required to pay child support


Victim of sex offence exemption from child support payments - application

If you're a liable parent and want an exemption from paying child support on the grounds you were the victim of a sex offence, you may be able to use this form.


What is child support? (IR198)

This factsheet gives an overview of the child support scheme we administer. It includes general information for parents, or any person caring for a child who is not their own.