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Hardship and debt forms and guides

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Automatic payment authority form

You can use this form to set up an automatic payment from your nominated bank account to Inland Revenue. The payments can be for a range of taxes including income tax, GST and FBT. You can also use this form to make additional payments on your student loan and to make child support payments.


Disclosure of financial position (IR590)

If you wish to apply for relief from debt you will need to provide us with details of your financial position. This form enables you to provide us with those details so that we can assess your situation when applying for relief from debt.


Late payment and late filing penalties (IR741)

This guide provides information about late payments and late filing penalties, including when they are charged, instalment arrangements and grounds for remission.


Penalties and interest (IR240)

This guide explains why we charge penalties and interest. It also tells you about the different types of penalties and interest and how to avoid them.


Relationship property dispositions

This form is used to let us know of any settlements you've made under the Property Relationships Act 1976.


Twelve month cash flow forecast

Complete this form with information when you wish to apply for relief from debt for your business so we can assess your situation.


Debt options (IR582)

This guide gives you options for paying tax debt to us and advice for avoiding debt.


Debt options information (IR592)

This information sheet describes briefly what options you have if you owe amounts to us.