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Ngā puka tāke me ngā puka tohutohu

Putting your tax returns right IR280

(published April 2008)

About this guide

If you've made a mistake or filed an incorrect tax return, it's best to tell us about it before we find out in some other way. This guide will help you put your tax returns right.

PDF | 150kb | 26 pages

When to use this guide

If you tell us about your tax problems, the penalties (if any) will be much lighter than if you wait for us to find out ourselves. Learn here what your obligations as a taxpayer are, what to do if you've made a minor or genuine error, and what a voluntary disclosure is and the benefits of making one.

Note: Pages 4, 6, 16, and 22 have been removed from this PDF as they are blank pages.

What you will need

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