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GST registration IR360

About this form

Use this service if you are required to or wish to register your business for GST (goods and services tax) with us. The GST registration only takes few a minutes to complete.

PDF | 89kb | 2 pages

When to use this form

Register for a GST number online through myIR Secure Online Services. See "GST Registration" under "Forms" once you've logged in. Applications are processed in real time and in most cases you'll receive immediate confirmation of your GST number and registration details.

Non-resident GST business claimants will need to use the Non-resident GST business claimant registration (IR564) form .

Register for a myIR Secure Online Services account

What you will need
  • IRD number to be registered
  • BIC (business industry classification) code - if you do not have your code you can get it from the ACC website
  • Bank account number (for refunds)


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After you finish

In most cases you'll receive immediate confirmation of your GST number. If you wish to keep a copy for your own records, please save or print the confirmation page.

Each time your GST return is due for filing we'll advise you when the return will be made available in myIR for you to complete and submit by the due date.

Note: When you are registered for GST you will need to:

  • keep records detailing your income and expenses
  • work out the GST on your income and expenses
  • complete and file GST returns
  • pay any GST owing to Inland Revenue.

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