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Look-through company election IR862

(published February 2011) 

About this form

You can use this form to elect to be a look-through company (LTC). To find out more about look-through companies please see our look-through companies (IR879) booklet.

Adobe Acrobat PDF | 133kb | 3 pages

This form can be completed on-screen by typing content directly into the PDF document. Once you have completed the form it is important that you print it out as you will not be able to save the information you enter into the form.

When to use this form

Complete this form when you want to elect to be a look-through company.

Find out more about look-through companies

What you will need

To complete this form you will need:

  • the company's name and IRD number
  • a director's or other authorised agent's name and signature
  • the names, signatures and IRD numbers of all owners of a look-through interest.

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After you finish

Please print, sign and post the completed form to your nearest Inland Revenue office.

You may wish to keep a copy of this form for your personal records.

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