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Application for an exemption review IR472

(published August 2016)

About this form

An application for a review if the liable parent you receive child support from has been granted an exemption from making child support payments.

PDF | 102kb | 2 pages

When to use this form

An exemption review can only be applied for by a receiving carer of a child or children who is an applicant for formula assessed child support.

You need to be able to show that the exemption granted to the liable parent didn't take into account their:

  • income
  • earning capacity, ie, what they could potentially earn in the coming year(s)
  • property and financial resources.


What you will need


After you finish

Check you have answered all questions on your application and any supporting forms, that you have signed them, and enclosed all the necessary paperwork, then send it to:

Inland Revenue
PO Box 76198
Manukau 2241

List of postal addresses for Inland Revenue >