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Look-through companies IR879

(published May 2014)

About this guide

This is a complete guide to the look-through company (LTC) rules. An LTC maintains its company structure but the company is "looked through" for income tax purposes. LTC shareholders, while being able to offset the LTC's losses against any other income, are also liable for income tax on its profits.

PDF | 130kb | 20 pages

When to use this guide

Use this guide to learn about the LTC rules, including:

  • the eligibility criteria for becoming an LTC
  • the advantages and disadvantages of being an LTC
  • how to become an LTC, and
  • how an LTC’s income or loss is passed on to its shareholders.

If you're an existing qualifying company (QC) or loss attributing qualifying company (LAQC) you can use this guide to learn how to change your QC or LAQC into an LTC.

What you will need

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