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ir-File demonstration - Lesson 1: Using the on-screen form

We'll show you how to:

  • Log in to ir-File
  • select a filing method
  • set up your employees for the first time
  • file your ongoing schedule
  • manage your workspace
  • make electronic PAYE payments.

Log in to ir-File

Access to the system is through our website.
On the right side of page, under Services requiring login
select Login >

Login link from top right of IR website.

Login to Online Services

Login to Online Services, this page requires your UserID and Password.
[Larger version of image]

Enter your UserID and Password.
Then select Login

Welcome to Online services

Welcome to Online Services home page.
[Larger version of image]

You're now in your secure account.

From here you can choose to:

  • submit returns
  • view and confirm your account balances, transaction details, earnings and due dates
  • apply or register (for additional services).

Note: the same options are available in the dark teal navigation bar at the top of the page.

Select ir-File (Employer monthly schedule).

Employer filing method

This is the screen you will arrive at for your first time to ir-File.

The first time you use ir-File you need to select a filing method. You can change this later by selecting Filing method from the left hand menu.

ir-File employer filing method choices, screen.
[Larger version of image]

You will have a choice of:

  • File monthly using on-screen form to key your schedule details
    you would use this option if you use a manual payroll system
  • File monthly using payroll file transfer
    you would use this option if you have an accounting package for your payroll and you are transferring these details to us

We have selected File monthly using on-screen form .... for this demonstration. We would then click Update to save this filing option.

ir-File employer filing method choices - receipt of choice selected.
[Larger version of image]

You will receive a confirmation message that Your filing method has been set.

From here we have selected On-screen forms in the left hand menu.

On-screen form

ir-File employer filing onscreen form for EDF or EMS.
[Larger version of image]

On this screen you can choose to either:

  • Create EDF/IR345
    opens a blank EDF/IR345 - electronic IR345 payment details form
  • Create EMS/IR348
    opens a blank EMS/IR348 - electronic IR348 schedule details form

When you have completed your first EMS/IR348 or EDF/IR345, online, our system will generate a Pre-filled schedule ready for your next filing date. This will have all your details pre-filled so that you only need to add in the figures for the new month (or any new employees who have started since the last schedule was filed).

We will start at Create EMS/IR348.

Employer monthly schedule

ir-File employer monthly schedule - EMS - online form.
[Larger version of image]

Employer details

You will need to enter your Employer IRD number, and select the Return period from the drop down list, enter the Contact name of the person who can be contacted for filing details and the Contact phone for this person.

Individual employee details

Once you have added in employees you will be able to move through your employee list either by:

  • selecting < Previous employee or Next employee >, or
  • selecting another employee from the Employee list on the right side of the screen.

You will then need to add the details for each individual employee under:

  • Employee IRD number*
  • Employee name*
  • Tax code*
  • Gross earnings and/or Withholding payments*
  • PAYE and/or Withholding tax*
  • Lump sum payment taxed at lowest rate
  • Earnings and/or Withholding payments not liable for ACC Earner levy
  • Student loan deductions
  • Child support deductions
  • CS code select the type of child support payment you are making
  • KiwiSaver deductions your employees KiwiSaver scheme deductions
  • Net KiwiSaver employer contributions your contributions to this employees KiwiSaver scheme
  • Tax credits for payroll donation your employees tax credits for donations made to registered donee organisations
  • Employment start date the date this employee started working for you
  • Employment finish date the final day this employee worked for you

The fields marked with "*" are compulsory fields and must be completed for each employee.

Totals for all employees

When you have completed the details for each employee you must Save schedule before attempting to add another employee or move to another screen or you will lose all the details you have just entered.

Once you have selected Save schedule the fields will update in this section, giving you a tally of the earnings and deductions for all the employees as they are added to the schedule.

You will also notice that as you add in your first employee then select Save schedule that this employee will be added into the Employees box on the right side of the screen. You can also use this box to:

Detail from EMS showing employees in the right hand selection box.

  • View employee select a name in the list and then use this button to view their details
  • Add employee selecting this button will create another blank screen (as in the image above)
  • Remove employee select a name in the list and then use this button to delete the employee and all their details from your schedule.

When you have finished adding all your employees, and checked that all the details are correct, you need to select Save and send schedule.

Send EMS schedule

ir-File employer monthly schedule - EMS - online receipt of filing the form.
[Larger version of image]

This screen confirms that your EMS schedule has been sent to us and will give you the option of completing an electronic deductions form, select Create EDF/IR345.

Electronic deduction form (EDF/IR345)

ir-File electronic deduction form - EDF.
[Larger version of image]

If you have created the EMS/IR348 first, this screen will show with the totals already calculated automatically from your EMS/IR348.

At the bottom of the EDF/IR345 you can now click ‘Total amounts above’ – this will give you the amount that is payable.

Please remember that if you have made KiwiSaver employer contributions, you must also include your ESCT deductions in the ESCT deducted field.

When you’ve checked the details you need to select ‘Save and send EDF/IR345’ to submit your details through to us.

Send EDF schedule

ir-File electronic deduction form - EDF - receipt from filing the form.
[Larger version of image]

We will go to Workspace from the left hand menu.

ir-File - workspace where you can save, view or edit your files.
[Larger version of image]


This page shows the files that have been created and their current status. You are able to select a file and Save, Edit or View from the main section of content. Or you can select a file and (using the buttons at the bottom of the screen) Send, Undo send, Move to trash or Save to disk.

This page also identifies which return period the file was created for and the date that the file was created.

If you wish to retract a file that you have sent through to us - you have until 11.00am the next day. After this time, you will need to call us on 0800 473 829.

From here we will review how you can make Electronic payments to us. To do this you can select Electronic payments in the left hand menu.

Electronic payments

ir-File electronic payments options page.
[Larger version of image]

If you would like additional information on payments, please go to Making payments.

This is the end of Using the on-screen form lesson.

Where to next?

Using the file transfer method

You can give us
Feedback on ir-File demonstration >.