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ir-File demonstration - Lesson 3: KiwiSaver employees

We'll show you how to:

  • log in to ir-File
  • register your employee for KiwiSaver
  • opt-out an employee who does not want to be part of the KiwiSaver scheme

Log in to ir-File

Access to the system is through our website.
On the right side of page, under Services requiring login
select Login >

Login link from top right of IR website.


Login to Online Services

Login to Online Services, this page requires your UserID and Password.
[Larger version of image]


Enter your UserID and Password.
Then select Login

Welcome to Online services

Welcome to Online Services home page.
[Larger version of image]


You're now in your secure account.

From here you can choose to:

  • submit returns
  • view and confirm your account balances, transaction details, earnings and due dates
  • apply or register (for additional services).

Note: the same options are available in the dark teal navigation bar at the top of the page.

Select ir-File (Employer monthly schedule).

ir-File - Workspace

ir-File - workspace where you can save, view or edit your files.
[Larger version of image]


If you have set up Workspace to be your preferred default screen (see Lesson 4: Customising ir-File) you now need to go to the left hand menu and select KiwiSaver.

KiwiSaver details form

ir-File kiwisaver details page.
[Larger version of image]


About this form

The KiwiSaver details form allows employers, tax agents and PAYE intermediaries to electronically notify us of employee details for KiwiSaver purposes.

When to use this service

Use this service to advise details for:

  1. New employees, who meet KiwiSaver automatic enrolment eligibility criteria
  2. Existing employees, who are not already members of a KiwiSaver scheme but are eligible and wish to opt-in
  3. Employees who are automatically enrolled, and wish to opt out of KiwiSaver.

What you will need

  1. Employee enrolment and/or opt-out details
  2. Employee bank account number (if employee is option out and we have KiwiSaver funds that are to be refunded).

By clicking on the Continue > button on the bottom right of the screen, you will be taken to the individual employee KiwiSaver registration form.

KiwiSaver registration form

ir-File kiwisaver registration form page.
[Larger version of image]


This form is divided into three sections.

Employer details

This section will ask for your employer IRD number, business name, contact name and contact phone numbers. Most of these will pre-populate.

Employee's details

Here you would enter if the employee is new or existing, their name details, contact details, IRD number and name or identifier as would be shown on the EMS/IR348. Only the details on the employee being existing or new, and their name or EMS/IR348 identifier are compulsory fields to this part of the form.

Opt out

The four questions in this section only need to be completed if this employee wishes to Opt out of KiwiSaver. If they do wish to Opt out then you first need to select the tick box for question 12, then you need to supply the employment start date, employee bank account number, name of the account holder and the date the opt-out notice was signed by the employee.

Once you have checked this form and you are satisfied that all details are correct you need to click on Send to Inland Revenue button on the bottom right of the screen.

KiwiSaver send KS1

ir-File kiwisaver receipt of submitted registration to IR.
[Larger version of image]


This screen will confirm that the KiwiSaver registration form (KS1) has been successfully sent through to us. If there are any issues with sending the form there will be notification here advising you what needs to be fixed.

This completes Lesson 3: KiwiSaver employees

Where to next?

Lesson 4: Customising ir-File

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Feedback on ir-File demonstration >.