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How to extend the filing date

If you're unable to file your income tax return by the due date you may apply for an extension of time (EOT) to file it. You will need to contact us to request an extension of time.

Applying for an extension of time (EOT)

When you apply for an EOT, you need to tell us:

  • the return period concerned, and
  • your reasons for requesting it.

Late filing penalties

If you incur a late filing penalty before you apply for an extension, or before you become a client of a tax agent who has an extension of time arrangement with us, the penalty will stand.

Similarly, if your agent's extension of time is withdrawn, you will be notified that your return is due. If you don't file it by the date given, we may apply a late filing penalty.

Payment due dates for late filing penalties on income tax returns

Once a late filing penalty has been applied, you must pay it by the later of the following dates:

  • 30 days from the date of the statement of account advising you of the penalty
  • the end-of-year tax payment due date, usually 7 February (7 April if you have a tax agent).
We send Shane a reminder in August 2013 telling him his 2013 IR3 income tax return is overdue and he'll incur a late filing penalty in 30 days' time if he doesn't file the return. Shane doesn't use a tax agent.

Shane doesn't file the return by the end of the 30-day period, and is we send him a statement of account for the penalty. The due date for payment of the penalty is 7 February 2014, which is also the due date for Shane's end-of-year payment.

Extensions of time cannot be granted for employer monthly schedules (EMS) or GST returns.

Employer monthly schedules (EMS)

If you're an employer with PAYE and ESCT (employer superannuation contribution tax) formerly specified superannuation contribution withholding tax (SSCWT) deductions, read the table below to see when you must pay ant late filing penalty by.

If your total PAYE and ESCT deductions are ... then you must pay by...
$500,000 or more a year the 5th of the month following the month the schedule was due
less than $500,000 a year the 20th of the month following the month the schedule was due.

Sonia's EMS for the month ending 31 July 2013 is due by 20 August 2013. She doesn't file the schedule and a late filing penalty of $250 is automatically applied. She is sent a statement of account for the penalty. As Sonia files her schedules monthly, the due date for payment of the penalty is 20 September 2013.


If you don't pay a late filing penalty by the due date, we may charge you:

  • late payment penalties and interest on the late filing penalty, as well as
  • any outstanding PAYE tax for that period.