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Kawepūrongo me ngā pānui hou
From time to time changes may occur that impact on your obligations or entitlements. Learn about the impact of these changes and any new services or assistance that you can access.
Date publishedTitle and description
18 April 2017 Paying contractors or working as a contractor?
  Budget 2016 has introduced some business tax changes that will come in to effect on 1 April 2017.
20 March 2017 Franklin, Hauraki and Thames-Coromandel storm impacts
  We're aware that the recent storms may cause financial issues for farmers and understand it is likely to affect income for the 2017 and 2018 income tax years.
07 February 2017 Northland drought impacts
  If you have been affected by the drought and are struggling to deal with your tax affairs, contact us sooner rather than later so we can help.
16 November 2016 Recent earthquakes in New Zealand
  If you've been affected by the recent earthquakes, we know that tax won't be front of mind for you right now.
14 October 2016 Electronic signatures standard now available
  This standard provides guidelines on the use of electronic signatures on documentation and information provided to IR.
05 October 2016 Non-resident businesses supplying remote services
  Non-resident businesses meeting the GST criteria are expected to charge and return GST on any remote (including online) services they supply to customers who reside in New Zealand.
26 August 2016 Recent gastroenteritis outbreak in Hawke's Bay
  If you’ve been affected by the gastroenteritis outbreak, we know that tax won’t be front of mind for you right now.
04 July 2016 Employee share schemes (ESS)
  Employers can provide benefits to employees in the form of employee share schemes (ESS).
23 June 2016 Audio of a phishing scam claiming to be Inland Revenue
  New Zealanders are warned about a spate of scam phone callers pretending to be from Inland Revenue and trying to recover unpaid taxes.
08 December 2015 Assistance for farmers affected by the dairy price downturn
  We're aware the dairy price downturn may cause financial issues for dairy farmers and will materially affect some farmers’ financial position for the 2015-16 income tax year.