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He parongo, he panui hou

Latest update on payroll giving

Since payroll giving was introduced, close to $17.7 million has been donated directly from a growing number of peoples' pay to their favourite charity or donee organisation.

In May 2014 alone 4,636 employees donated close to $772,200. Because the donations were made through payroll giving, these employees received immediate tax credits totalling just over $257,300. They did not need to wait until the end of the year to make a claim.

Take a look at New Zealand's payroll giving statistics for the last 12 months to May 2014


Graph of payroll giving statistics for last 12 months to May 2014

Larger version of image | Long description of payroll giving statistics

Why donate through payroll giving?

Take a look at why some New Zealander's have decided to donate through payroll giving

Setting up payroll giving in your workplace

How workplaces choose to set up payroll giving is flexible. Some workplaces have started with a short list of donee organisations.

Read a range of targeted information sheets explaining payroll giving

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Date published: 06 Aug 2014

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