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Important information for customers paid through Novopay

Notices for student loan significant under-deductions

From 12 October 2013, teachers and school employees who have a student loan but did not have the right student loan amounts deducted from their salary or wage will start to receive "Compulsory extra deduction" notices from us. We will also tell the Ministry of Education about these required extra student loan deductions so they can take the correct payroll action.

You can contact us if you have questions about the compulsory extra deduction notice, or have difficulty meeting your obligations.

2013 tax summaries and summary of earnings

From Monday 15 July, we will start to progressively send 2013 summary of earnings or personal tax summaries to customers who may have been paid incorrectly through Novopay. If you have a myIR Secure Online Services account, you may also be able to view your 2013 details like your income, Working for Families and student loan details.

If you believe you have been paid incorrectly through Novopay, this may affect the income and deduction details showing on your summary of earnings or personal tax summary for the 2013 tax year.

We rely on the income information details we receive from your employer to calculate your entitlements or obligations. Unless we hear otherwise, the income and deduction details we currently hold will be used to calculate your entitlements and/or payment obligations for:

  • Income tax refund or bill
  • Working for Families Tax Credits
  • Child support
  • Student loans
  • KiwiSaver

If you think your income details on our records are incorrect based on the notice/statement you receive from us, please contact your school payroll administrator in the first instance to work out if any changes are required. If you had an overpayment, you need to resolve this matter with the Ministry of Education.

Once your income details are correct, we will be advised by the Ministry of Education so we can make any adjustments on your Inland Revenue records.

If you have filed a return, or confirmed your PTS, and adjustments are subsequently made to your income and deduction details, this may result in increased entitlements or tax obligations depending on your personal circumstance. We'll work with you to resolve any under or over-assessed amount.

You can contact us if you have specific questions about your entitlements or obligations, or have difficulty meeting your obligations.

2013 income details unavailable on myIR Secure Online Services

If you or your partner are affected by Novopay and have a myIR Secure Online Services account, some of your Inland Revenue-related details may not be available on myIR until 31 July 2013 while we reconcile your account. This may include your 2013 income details as well as your Working for Families and/or student loan details. We've taken this step while we await further information from your employer.

There is no need to contact us about your 2013 income and other Inland Revenue-related details at this stage. Once we've reconciled your account, we'll be in touch and will reissue your summary of earnings or personal tax summary if required.

Novopay phone line

To better address the queries of customers affected by Novopay, we are tailoring our Novopay phone service to focus on those whom we already know have issues resulting from the Novopay payroll system.

Using information provided by the Ministry of Education, we have a way to recognise incoming calls from customers affected by Novopay through their IRD number or phone number. This means these customers don't need to do anything different. They will still be able to speak with a member of our specialist team who can assist them with their query.

How it works

If you need to contact us because you are affected by Novopay, simply call 0800 775 247. Just make sure you have your IRD number when asked.


This service is only for customers affected by Novopay who have queries about their entitlements and/or payment obligations. Questions about your pay details should still be directed to your school's payroll administrator.

All other Ministry of Education and State-/State-integrated school employees with non-Novopay-related queries should contact us via myIR secure mail or through our regular 0800 numbers.

Making sure you get your Inland Revenue obligations and entitlements right

As a result of problems with the Novopay payroll service, we are working closely with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to correct State and State-integrated school employees' pay details as quickly as possible, and minimise delays to employees receiving their correct entitlements or meeting their Inland Revenue obligations.

When checking their pay details on their payslips, employees need to contact their school payroll administrator if there are any incorrect pay details.

It's important these pay details are correct, as we use the income and deduction information from employers to calculate entitlements and/or payment obligations for:

  • Income tax
  • Working for Families Tax Credits
  • Child support
  • Student loans
  • KiwiSaver.

Working for Families notices of entitlement will be issued in early March, and child support assessments in late March. Where employees have received a notice and their pay details are correct, there is no need to contact us. Where employees need to notify us of any adjustments to their pay details, our contact details are provided on the notice.

Affected employees who have a student loan may find significant over or under-deductions on their student loan. These may have happened from April 2012 and/or as a result of Novopay from September 2012. We are working with MoE to identify and confirm the correct deductions. Any activities for significant over or under-deductions resulting from Novopay issues will be delayed.


Date published: 16 Oct 2013

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