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He parongo, he panui hou
From time to time changes may occur that impact on your obligations or entitlements. Learn about the impact of these changes and any new services or assistance that you can access.
Date publishedTitle and description
07 April 2014 New “Contact us” page launched
  We're improving the content and layout of some pages on our website this year and we've started with our "Contact us" page.
13 March 2014 New financial reporting requirements for companies
  If you own a company new financial reporting requirements may apply to you.
10 March 2014 Student loan changes from 1 April 2014
  Changes to student loans from 1 April 2014 will affect overseas-based and New Zealand-based borrowers, with the enactment of the Student Loan Amendment Act (No 3) 2013.
27 February 2014 Changes to foreign superannuation tax rules
  The Government has made some changes to the tax rules for foreign superannuation. The changes are intended to make the rules simpler and easier to comply with.
25 February 2014 Changes to fringe benefit tax (FBT) for registered charities
  From 1 April 2014, there are changes to the exemption threshold applying to short-term charge facilities. It has also been clarified that vouchers (eg, petrol and grocery vouchers) are a form of short-term charge facility.
17 February 2014 Plain English Provisional tax guide (IR289)
  The Provisional tax guide (IR289) has been completely updated and rewritten in plain English to help you understand provisional tax.
13 January 2014 Latest update on payroll giving
  It is now easier to give to charity with more New Zealanders donating to their favourite charity or organisation through payroll giving.
02 December 2013 State Services Commissioner commends Christchurch customer services
  The State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie has commended Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Social Development for their joint work in delivering a 'one-stop-shop' for government services, for customers in Christchurch.
16 October 2013 Important information for customers paid through Novopay
  Inland Revenue calculations of entitlements and obligations for State and State-integrated school employees
13 September 2013 Update for customers affected by the Cook Strait earthquakes
  We are aware the Cook Strait earthquakes on Sunday 21 July 2013 and Friday 16 August 2013 will have caused some customers’ to miss making required payments.
08 August 2013 Student loan extra deduction notices for borrowers receiving student allowances
  You may receive a notice from us advising that you've had significant student loan under-deductions made from your student allowance, and that extra deductions are required to recover the under-deducted amount.
01 July 2013 Tax avoidance interpretation statement published
  IS 13/01: Tax Avoidance and the interpretation of sections BG 1 and GA 1 of the Income Tax Act 2007 has been finalised and issued by the Office of the Chief Tax Counsel.
15 May 2013 Budget 2013 announcements
  Government has announced changes as part of Budget 2013. The following proposed changes will be implemented by Inland Revenue over the next few years:
08 May 2013 Commissioner’s interim operational position on GST registration by Bodies Corporate
  The interim operational position outlines the Commissioner's approach to the registration of bodies corporate until the matter is finalised.
28 March 2013 Updated guides on overseas pensions
  We’ve updated two of our guides on overseas pensions to further clarify tax obligations for people with overseas pensions and social security income.
27 March 2013 Email or phishing and phone scams
  We remind all customers to be very careful about giving out their IRD number and any other personal details.
15 March 2013 Update for farmers affected by the drought
  On Friday 15 March, Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy declared the entire North Island to be a medium-scale adverse event under the Primary Sector Recovery Policy framework. In addition, on Friday 22 March the drought area was extended to include the West Coast (limited to the Buller and Grey district).
17 December 2012 Update for kiwifruit growers affected by Psa-V
  On Wednesday 5 December 2012, Primary Industries Minister David Carter declared the Kiwifruit PSA virus to be a biosecurity event under the Primary Sector Recovery Policy framework.
13 December 2012 April 2013 changes for employers and individuals
  Government has announced changes as part of Budget 2012.
03 December 2012 Student Loan Scheme Annual Report 2012
  The recently released Student Loan Scheme Annual Report 2012 provides information on the scheme and those who borrowed from it in 2011, as well as the financial schedules for the fiscal year to 30 June 2012.
04 September 2012 Updated data available for industry benchmarks
  Industry benchmarks, published earlier this year as part of a pilot for 16 industries, have been updated with the latest financial data available.
17 July 2012 Make sure you're using the right tax code
  You may have received a letter from us advising you that your employer will change your tax code so the right tax and student loan deductions are made on your salary or wage.
13 June 2012 Improved information sharing between Inland Revenue and Ministry of Social Development
  We are now able to improve the way we share customer information with other Government agencies owing to an administrative change to the Tax Administrative Act.
30 May 2012 Budget 2012 announcements
  Read about the Budget announcements for 2012 relating to tax credit changes, Herd scheme, mixed use assets and changes to student loans.
28 March 2012 Herd Scheme – Elections to exit
  Herd Scheme – Elections to exit
01 February 2012 Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Revenue - 2011
  Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Revenue - 2011
31 January 2012 Special tax code renewal for the 2012-2013 tax year
  We've sent out renewal certificates for people who use special tax codes to suit their individual circumstance. Some student loan borrowers also use a special tax code to work out their repayment obligation.
19 December 2011 Public consultation on tax avoidance statement
  Inland Revenue has issued a draft Interpretation Statement about tax avoidance for public consultation.
04 November 2011 Student Loan Scheme Annual Report 2011
  The Student Loan Scheme Annual Report 2011 provides information on the scheme and those who borrowed from it in 2010, as well as the financial schedules for the fiscal year to 30 June 2011.
28 September 2011 New voice ID service for individual customers
  We've introduced a service called voice ID, a new and faster way for you to identify yourself when you call us.
19 September 2011 Changes to student loans are underway
  Changes to student loans are underway with the recent enactment of the Student Loan Scheme Act 2011. These changes improve the way student loans are managed, repaid and administered.
12 September 2011 We’re changing to reusable envelopes
  From 1 October 2011, we’ll start using reusable outer envelopes for most Inland Revenue returns.
02 September 2011 Unsure how the Penny and Hooper Supreme Court decision 24 August 2011 might affect you?
  Inland Revenue has welcomed the Supreme Court decision in the Penny and Hooper Case. The decision helps to clarify the law in the area of tax avoidance and Inland Revenue is carefully working through the implications.
01 September 2011 Update for child support customers receiving payments from Australian-based custodial parents
  Customers expecting to receive payments from Australian-based custodial parents today may experience a delay of up to 24 hours. We apologise for any inconvenience and we are working to ensure people are paid as quickly as possible.
24 June 2011 Received a text about your personal tax summary?
  Most people who earn salary or wages pay the right amount of tax and don't need to do anything at the end of the tax year.
22 June 2011 One-stop-shop for student loan info
  Inland Revenue and StudyLink have set up a new student loans web page that brings together all the information people would need before taking out a loan, while they are studying and once their repayment obligation starts.
01 June 2011 30 September deadline for existing LAQCs
  Existing LAQCs (loss attributing qualifying companies) need to apply to become an LTC by 30 September 2011.
19 May 2011 Budget 2011 announcement
  The Government has announced a package of proposed tax changes as part of Budget 2011. These proposed changes include changes to KiwiSaver, Working for Families and student loans.
23 February 2011 Paying by credit or debit card
  We've extended our existing credit and debit card service to include all payment types. Customers can now use a credit or debit card to make all online payments to Inland Revenue.
05 November 2010 Unclaimed millions list updated
  An updated list of owners of millions of dollars of unclaimed money is available on our website.
01 October 2010 Enhancements to My KiwiSaver
  Based on member and scheme provider feedback, several enhancements have been made to My KiwiSaver (previously known as Manage My KiwiSaver).
08 September 2010 KiwiSaver amendments effective
  The Taxation (Annual Rates, Trans-Tasman Savings Portability, KiwiSaver, and Remedial Matters) Act contains a number of amendments which impact KiwiSaver for potential members, existing members, employers and scheme providers.
03 August 2010 Extra payday and tax refunds
  The PAYE system and PAYE tables are calculated based on 52 weeks or 26 fortnights occurring in a tax year. This is correct for the majority of situations.
12 July 2010 Changes to the disputes resolution process
  We have been working with the New Zealand Law Society and New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants to improve the disputes resolution process and tailor it more to the needs of our customers.
25 June 2010 Transactions that could affect GST-registered businesses
  GST changes announced in Budget 2010 affect the time of supply treatment for some GST transactions
21 June 2010 GST Advisory Panel established
  The Government has set up a special GST Advisory Panel to help businesses implement the new 15% GST rate increase announced in the 2010 Budget.
01 April 2010 Changes to tax rules affecting the horticulture and viticulture industries
  From 1 April 2010, employers needed to start deducting tax from payments made to contractors working in the vegetable growing industry.
30 March 2010 Employers filing and paying PAYE electronically
  We're no longer sending you the paper Employer deductions (IR345) form if you file your Employer monthly schedule (IR348) and pay your PAYE electronically.
17 December 2009 GST on inbound tour operator facilitation fees
  Legislation has been passed clarifying that the facilitation fee charged by inbound tour operators is liable for GST at the standard rate of 12.5%.
10 December 2009 Tax agents requesting instalment arrangements for taxpayers using e-channels
  We have made enhancements to the process for tax agents to make applications through e-file or secure email to make applying for an instalment arrangement easier and quicker.
02 December 2009 An updated standard practice statement on extension of time applications has been released
  We have just updated our standard practice statement on how we will consider applications for an extension of time to file an income tax return from taxpayers who are not represented by tax agents.
02 November 2009 New determination issued for eligible relocation expenses
  A new determination outlines how eligible relocation expenses may be treated as exempt income when an employee is reimbursed, or the expenditure is paid on an employee’s behalf, when the employee (including their immediate family) relocate their accommodation for employment purposes.
02 November 2009 Clarification of tax rules for some allowances paid to employees
  Relocation payments, overtime meal allowances and sustenance allowances made to employees since the 2002-03 tax year are tax free, subject to the certain criteria.
22 October 2009 Warning about trick emails
  Inland Revenue reminds you to be very careful about giving out your IRD number and any other personal details.
06 October 2009 Payroll giving - a new initiative
  From 7 January 2010 you may be able to donate to your favourite donee organisation straight from your pay and receive an immediate tax credit.
28 September 2009 Clients' tax returns affected by the new foreign investment fund (FIF) rules
  We have identified several issues in the software used by tax agents to prepare their client's income tax returns.
22 July 2009 Free tax seminars and workshops for small to medium businesses
  We are currently holding free regular tax seminars and workshops around the country. The seminars cover record keeping requirements, income tax, GST, electronic filing and payments, deductible expenses and more. The workshops are hands-on and include topics such as GST, PAYE and KiwiSaver.
01 May 2009 An updated list of unclaimed money is now available
  Thousands of people may be in for an unexpected bonus following publication of the latest list of owners of unclaimed money on Inland Revenue's website.
28 April 2009 Proposed student loan voluntary repayment bonus
  Changes to the Student Loan Scheme for the introduction of a 10% student loan voluntary repayment bonus are before Parliament .
03 April 2009 The Job Support Scheme (formerly known as the 9-day fortnight)
  A Government initiative, administered by Work and Income, to help employers retain employees who could otherwise be facing redundancy.
02 April 2009 Deadline for income equalisation scheme deposits for 2007-08 tax year extended
  The deadline for income equalisation scheme deposits for the 2007-08 tax year has been extended to 30 April 2009 for those farmers affected by the anticipated reduced dairy pay out in the 2008-09 tax year.
24 March 2009 BIC (business industry classification) codes easier to find
  Find business descriptions and codes more easily on the business description website.
05 March 2009 Tax code and rate for Recognised Seasonal Employers (RSE) scheme workers
  RSE tax codes are changing
19 February 2009 Thinking of selling your leased apartment?
  If you've bought a leased apartment and are thinking of selling it, you may have to pay GST.
18 February 2009 Losses from finance company investments - can you claim your losses as a bad debt?
  We have had a number of enquiries from investors in failed finance companies asking whether they can write off the amounts they have lost as a bad debt, and claim a tax deduction. As many of these finance companies are now in the hands of liquidators or receivers, investors are uncertain about the tax rules which might apply in cases where they are unlikely to receive full repayment of their investment. Our recommendation is that you should obtain professional advice before making any decision about writing off bad debts.
04 February 2009 Tax assistance package for businesses
  Today Government announced a package of changes aimed at assisting small to medium-sized businesses and help ease the burden of tax on cash flow.



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