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Non-resident withholding tax (NRWT)
Tāke mō ngā huamoni me ngā pānga ki tauiwi
Approved issuer levy: Completing your return

Completing your return

We send you an Approved issuer levy (IR67A) return form automatically about two weeks before your payment is due. The IR67A has the following pre-printed details:

  • your name and address
  • your IRD number
  • the period the return covers
  • the due date for payment.

If your name, address or IRD number details are incorrect, please print the correct details on the pink part (Inland Revenue copy) of the return before sending it back.

How often do you get your return?

We send you an IR67A return form based on your registration details.

The options are:

  • monthly
  • six-monthly, or
  • on request.

If you wish to change options (for example, you change the months in which you pay interest) contact our Non-resident Centre. They'll send you the IR67A returns to suit your new payment dates.

What if you don't have a return?

If you're due to make a payment but haven't received an IR67A, download one from "Forms and guides".

What if you've overpaid your AIL?

If you've overpaid your AIL, write to our Non-resident Centre with the following information about the overpayment:

  • how it happened
  • what period it relates to, and
  • if you want it
    • refunded, or
    • transferred to another period or tax type.

What if there's no AIL to pay?

If there's no AIL to pay you still need to file a "nil" IR67A:

  • leave the amount boxes blank
  • sign it
  • return it by the payment due date.

If you don't file a nil IR67A we'll contact you to ask why you haven't filed one or paid any AIL.