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myIR, payments and more

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Mahia ā-rorohiko

myIR Secure Online Services

With myIR you can access a range of online services when and where you want.

myIR - available anytime, anywhere

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What you can do in myIR

In myIR you can:

  • Check if you're due a tax refund.
  • Check all of your details, including your student loan.
  • Check and update your Working for Families Tax Credit details.
  • Review your KiwiSaver contributions
  • Manage your child support payments.
  • File returns.

If you're in business you can file returns and make payments for most of your business accounts at the same time.

Find out more about what you can do in myIR

Register for an account or log in if you already have one

Create a myIR account for yourself

You just need your IRD number to register.

You can't register myIR for another person, even if that person nominates you to act on their behalf or you're their spouse/partner.

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Create a myIR account for a business, company, trust or partnership

You can register for myIR if you're the:

  • director of a company
  • trustee of a trust
  • partner in a partnership, or an
  • executive office holder (EOH)

You'll just need your organisation's IRD number.

Find out how to appoint an EOH

If you're a bookkeeper or a nominated person

You can't register on behalf of your client. They'll need to register for myIR themself then grant you access using your own myIR logon.

If you're an employee

You can't set up myIR on behalf of your employer. However, your employer can create a new web logon (userID) that lets you access myIR information and do tasks online.

Find out how to grant others access to myIR

Create a myIR account for a club, society or school

If you've been set up as an EOH for your club, society or school, you'll just need your organisation's IRD number to register for myIR.

Find out how to appoint an EOH

Quick tips for using myIR