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ir-File - filing electronically

ir-File is a secure, internet-based service that allows employers, tax agents, payroll bureaus and PAYE intermediaries to file Employer monthly schedules (IR348/EMS) and Employer deductions (IR345/EDF) forms electronically. Filing electronically using ir-File is the most accurate and efficient way to send us your employee information.

We provide a secure site using encryption that protects the files you send us during transmission so that only we can read them. Other security features include userIDs and passwords, and automatic logout where there has been no activity for 15 minutes.

Any employer can register to use ir-File. Employers whose annual PAYE deductions are $100,000 or more are required by legislation to file their IR348/EMS and IR345/EDF electronically using ir-File.

ir-File enhancements

More employers are reaping the benefits of using our improved ir-Filing service.

If you submit your Employer monthly schedules (IR348/EMS) and Employer deductions (IR345/EDF) electronically using ir-File, you may have noticed some enhancements to the system to make it easier for you to use.

These changes were implemented during July 2009 and include:

  • the EDF button has been renamed to EDF/IR345
  • selecting your return period - to make sure you file your EMS/EDF for the correct return period, the default date has been removed and you will now need to select the return period for your EMS from the drop down list
  • the return period end dates from the drop down list now start at the most current month
  • a "Total amounts above" button has been added into the EDF/IR345 that automatically totals the amounts in your deduction form rather than you having to add these manually.

If you're not familiar with ir-File and how it works, check out our ir-File demo to view an online demonstration that walks you through the process.

Benefits of ir-File:

  • Secure and accurate.
  • Reduces the time to complete and file an employer monthly schedule.
  • Doesn't require additional software.
  • Provides online screen-specific help and an online interactive demonstration.
  • Designed to interact easily with and be supported by payroll software packages.
  • Lets you file both your KiwiSaver employee details (KS1) form and the KiwiSaver opt out request (KS10) electronically.

How to register

We require that the business owner or someone with administrative and supervisory authority registers. Once the individual has registered they can then add other staff members and give them access to ir-File and other online services. Find out more about managing account access (MAA).

If you haven't already, your organisation will need to register online for a myIR Secure Online Services account with us before you can use ir-File. To register go to File an employer schedule. Please have your organisation's IRD number handy. After completing a few questions and phoning us to verify your identity, you can be up and running today.

ir-File demo

If you want to see how the service works, you can try out an interactive online demonstration to take you through the process under myIR Secure Online Services > View demonstrations.

Using ir-File

When you are registered to use ir-File, go to myIR Secure Online Services > login and enter your user name and password.

You can choose from two filing methods:

  • If you have a payroll software package: The file transfer function lets you do all your work in your software package and export your EMS data straight from your software to us. File transfer means transferring a text file of your EMS schedule from your payroll software package. Your payroll software provider can tell you if your software is compatible with ir-File, explain where to locate this text file and help you upgrade your payroll software if necessary. You may also test your software's compatibility with ir-File on our website.  
    To test a file go to File an employer schedule.
  • If you don't have a payroll software or your software doesn't support ir-File: There is an on-screen version of the Employer monthly schedule (IR348/EMS) and the Employer deductions (IR345/EDF) form that lets you enter, edit, amend and submit the information directly to us.

ir-File on-screen help is available throughout the filing process if you require assistance.

When using ir-File you will need to file both your Employer monthly schedule (IR348/EMS) and the Employer deductions (IR345/EDF) forms electronically. If you pay by cheque you will continue to receive your Employer deductions (IR345/EDF) form through the mail.

Find out when ir-File is available for you to use

Once you have completed filing your EMS online

  • you can preview your schedule and make any changes before final submission
  • you will receive a notification that your schedule has been received into your ir-File account
  • you have the ability to amend and resend your schedule after submission by retracting it prior to the 11am daily cut off time.

Schedule amendments after the cut off time can be done by calling us on 0800 377 772 or you can file an Employer monthly schedule amendment form (IR344). Please note that this form cannot be filed electronically.

Find out more

If you require assistance or have any questions about ir-File, email or call us toll-free on 0800 473 829.

For other employer enquiries, call us on 0800 377 772 or +64 4 978 0779 if you're calling from overseas.

You can call us between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.