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Software developers
Ngā kaihanga pūmanawa rorohiko

About the Software Developers Liaison Unit (SDLU)

The SDLU builds and maintains relationships with you, as software developers. These relationships allow us to consult openly with you about changes that affect the collection of customer data and Crown revenue.

Our relationship with you allows us to:

  • be a single point of contact for you into Inland Revenue
  • provide contacts for our teams to engage with you
  • engage with you in a timely manner for the right reasons
  • identify potential impacts to teams making decisions that affect the software industry
  • provide you with information about changes that may affect you or the software industry.

Your obligations

As a software developer it's your responsibility to:

  • meet your customers' needs with your software package
  • comply with tax legislation
  • cover any start-up costs or costs you may incur creating your software package
  • ensure you exchange information securely.

You need to tell us as soon as possible, if you:

  • change your name
  • have any incidents with your products or services
  • change your contact details, eg:
    • physical address
    • website/s
    • phone numbers, and
    • email addresses.

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