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New to working with us

This page tells you about our services and how to register so you can offer these services to your customers.

Payroll services

Currently, our ir-File service gives employers, tax agents, payroll bureaus and PAYE intermediaries a secure way to file Employer monthly schedules (IR348) and Employer deductions (IR345) forms.

The Government has announced proposals to introduce more frequent reporting of PAYE information. Instead of filing an employer monthly schedule, employers and payroll intermediaries would file PAYE information on a payday basis.

Receiving information, such as correct tax codes and PAYE contributions, in near real-time means that we will have a more accurate and complete picture of a customer’s tax position. It also means we will be able to help customers get what they’re entitled to more regularly through the year, with fewer surprises and less end-of-year debt. Subject to legislation being passed, PayDay reporting will be voluntary from 1 April 2018 and mandatory from 1 April 2019.

We want to work with payroll developers looking to file customers’ PAYE information directly from their payroll system to Inland Revenue on the new PayDay reporting rules. Filing via myIR or file upload will continue to be an option when PayDay reporting comes into effect.

If you’re interested in talking to us about our future PAYE filing services email

Tax agent services

Our current tax agent services include the Tax agent web service and E-File. We plan to modernise both these services as part of our transformation journey.

Tax agent web service (TAWS)

This service allows tax agents to use our B2B (business to business) service to get electronic information about their clients' financial transactions.

During 2018-2019 as part of Stage 2 of our business transformation, we will migrate all taxes onto the new revenue system. TAWS will also be transitioned to maintain continuity of service for tax agents. However, we are working with TAWS software providers and TAWS users to define their future needs.

For more information email

E-File (tax agent filing service)

Our E-File service allows tax agents to send information such as bulk tax returns, personal tax summary requests, correspondence and administration direct to us using a software developer's practice management software. As income taxes are migrated to the new revenue system, this service will continue although some very low usage administration services will be discontinued.

Find out more about our E-File service

Personal tax summary intermediaries (PTSIs) services

Our B2B PTS webservice allows personal tax summary intermediaries (PTSIs) to:

  • request and confirm personal tax summaries
  • update their client list
  • view and update their clients' details
  • link and delink clients.

There are plans to modernise this service as part of our transformation journey.

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