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What happens when I return to New Zealand?

Find out what you have to do if you've been away for more than 6 months.

When you return to New Zealand  after being overseas for 184 days (about 6 months) or more, you must let us know so we can update your student loan details and contact information.

You can contact us using secure mail in your myIR Secure Online Services account or call us once you're back and we'll update your details.

You can also update your contact information, such as your address and phone number, through your myIR account.

Interest-free loans

To qualify for your loan to be interest-free again, you'll need to live in New Zealand for at least 183 consecutive days (about 6 months ) to become a New Zealand-based borrower.

During this183-day period, you can leave the country for up to 31 days in total, and those days will be treated as days spent in New Zealand. This means you'll still meet the 183-day requirement.

Once you’re a New Zealand-based borrower, all the interest applied to your loan from the day you returned will be written off and your repayment obligations will be based on your income.

Find out about what repayments you have to make

Your student loan repayments in the tax year you return

If you weren't on a repayment holiday while you were overseas, you'll have a part-year overseas-based repayment obligation which you'll still need to pay. You may also have New Zealand-based repayment obligations on any income you earn once you're back.