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Tax agents
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Account managers

What service your account manager will provide

Relationship management

Account managers will be your centralised point of contact for any specific issues that come up for you and your clients and will help provide resolutions to any exceptional issues.

Your account manager will also be responsible for forwarding any complaints to the appropriate business unit within Inland Revenue and making sure that they are followed up. They'll also be responsible for negotiating and updating your D status.

Education and information

Account managers will provide you with the support you need to understand and be able to use the range of self-service tools we provide.

They'll also be responsible for keeping you up to date with information and providing you with any reports you can't access through self-service.

Compliance and monitoring

Account managers will register any new tax agents and monitor compliance with legislation and our own policies. Any outstanding debt and returns for tax agents and their associated entities will also be monitored by their account manager.

Your account manager is also responsible for making sure all guideline dates are met for filing income tax returns and will monitor those who don't meet the required guidelines. Where you don't meet your obligations, your account manager may:

If you or your client's EOT is withdrawn you can negotiate with your account manager to have it reinstated.

Where a tax agent breaches legislative requirements, your account manager can remove your status as a listed tax agent.

Exceptional issues

The purpose of your account manager isn't to update client accounts or provide information that is available to you by other means. All tax agent requests that fit these criteria will be directed through normal channels in the first instance, including myIR Secure Online Services or our contact centres.

Where the enquiry can't be answered through normal channels, or doesn't meet our self-service standards, we would consider this an exceptional issue and your account manager may assist you by working with the appropriate area of Inland Revenue for a result.