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Tax agents
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Self-service options

With our self-service options you can manage your own and your clients' taxes quickly and easily. The following self-service options are available to you:

If you'd like a printout of the self-service options available, download our Tax agents self-service options (IR476) factsheet.

myIR Secure Online Services

myIR makes it quicker and easier to manage your clients' taxes and entitlements. You can also use it for your agency taxes. Use the Account maintenance service in myIR to:

  • link and delink clients
  • transfer credits and payments
  • file PIE periodic returns and PIE annual reconciliation statements and associated investor certificates
  • view clients earnings information, balances and transactions
  • file employer returns for your clients and your agency
  • file income tax returns for your agency
  • send and receive secure mail
  • modify staff access to the services available
  • change contact details, reset passwords and view user access reports.

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E-File is a way to send data from your own computer directly to our mainframe. There are benefits to you and your clients by using E-File.

Subject to availability in your software package, you can use E-File to send:

  • income tax and GST returns
  • tax credit claim forms
  • e-correspondence
  • updates to your client lists and clients' details, eg,change of address, bank account number, tax types 
  • stationery requests.

You can also:

  • request or confirm as personal tax summary
  • receive your client lists
  • request debt letter reports, and 
  • request summary of earnings reports
  • link and delink clients
  • get TAMS reports.

Find out more about E-File

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Tax agents' self-service line

As a registered tax agent, you can call our tax agents' self-service line on 0800 456 678 for instant access to services specifically designed for you. 

For client enquiries, you'll need your agency IRD number and regular personal identification number (PIN) when you call. If you don't know the regular PIN, see a senior staff member. They'll have the master PIN which allows them access to information about the agency and to change or reset the regular PIN.

When you call the self-service line, you can:

  • confirm clients earnings information, balances and transactions
  • check the status of a refund
  • request information (stationery, statement of account, client list and L letter)
  • link or delink clients (if you hold authority to act on their behalf)
  • request a summary of earnings
  • request or confirm a personal tax summary.

This service is available seven days a week. This service is closed 5am to 6am each day and 10pm to midnight on the last day of each month.

When ordering stationery, the system accepts quantities as individual items. If you enter 50, you'll receive 50 forms. Please be aware that different forms have different order limits. Please use StationeryXpress for bulk stationery requests.

Our Tax agents' self-service calling aid (IR358) is designed to help you use the self-service line with step-by-step instructions.

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You can use StationeryXpress to request single, or bulk, forms, guides and other stationery we produce. For help with StationeryXpress, our helpdesk is open seven days a week. You can find the number to call in our Contact us section.

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Our website

Our website provides information, services and tools to help you easily manage your clients' taxes, and your own. To quickly locate what you need see the "Quick links" section in the "Tax agents" menu.

Get it done online

We offer a number of services that you can access straight from our website. You can use some services without being a registered user. However, some services require you to login with your myIR account details.

See all "Get it done online" services for tax agents

Work it out

We have a number of calculators and worksheets that are designed to save you and your clients time.

See all "Work it out" services for tax agents

Forms and guides

We have a number of forms and guides that are designed to help you complete your client's tax returns.

See all "Forms and guides" for tax agents

Newsletters and bulletins

Our free newsletters provide timely information about tax topics. You can also subscribe to receive electronic notifications.

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