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Investment income

Attributed income from a PIE

There are some facts you will need to know about your PIE to help you with your tax responsibilities.

When the PIE sends you your income tax details

Generally PIEs need to provide their investors with notices confirming information about their investments and tax credits available, by 31 May or 30 June after the end of the tax year.

PIEs that quarterly file, and zero-rate their exiting investors, need to provide the information by giving a notice within one month of the end of the quarter in which the investor exited.

If you don't get any details from your PIE or you think the investor statement is wrong, please contact the PIE.

PIEs listed on the New Zealand stock exchange may send a dividend statement to their investors.

Representation by proxy

If you are represented by a proxy and then cease to be, the proxy's obligations will pass directly to the PIE that holds your investment. You should give the PIE your PIR and IRD number.