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For businesses and employers
Ngā pakihi me ngā kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi

Ceasing to operate a business

People in business may choose to sell or close all or part of their business, or in some instances their business may be bankrupted. If you stop operating your business, you need to complete your business tax obligations to complete for GST, employer related taxes, income tax and depreciation recovery.

Getting it right - closing down your business

Watch this video to see how easy it is for a business owner, Scott, to take care of his tax when he closes his business. The video also explains what to do if your business is registered with the Companies Office.

Personal insolvency

When you can’t pay your debt you may become insolvent, which can include bankruptcy. We will work with you to try and avoid this happening, but if we cannot reach agreement we may go to court to resolve this debt. If we’re successful the Insolvency and Trustee Service (ITS) will deal with all ongoing matters.

Cancelling your GST registration

Find out more about cancelling your GST registration.

Your obligations with income tax when you cease trading

Learn about filing a final tax return and your retaining business records when you are winding up a company or closing down a business.

Depreciation recovery

Find out what you need to do when ceasing a business and you are required to recover depreciation.

Employer tax obligations

Find out about the procedure for cancelling your employer registration, including the need to retain records.

Special requirements for businesses facing insolvency

Learn the procedures for ceasing business that is facing insolvency and what you need to do.