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For businesses and employers
Ngā pakihi me ngā kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi

Where to go for more help

The following people are in business to help you succeed in yours. So when you have decided what areas you need help with, you may want to get in touch with one or more of the people below.

Advisors Can help and advise on Do they charge?
Accountant or tax agent
  • the legal requirements for business accounts and tax
  • setting up a record keeping system
  • changes in the business environment affecting the organisation or business
  • loan applications
Bank managers
  • arranging your finances
  • assessing project risks
  • planning and financing development of businesses and organisations
  • is the New Zealand government business website. The information and tools on this site are designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, and the people who advise and support them
  • this site provides practical resources and links to information to help business owners and managers start, manage, grow or exit their businesses, and deal with the day-to-day challenges they face.
Business advisors and consultants
  • specific areas in the business causing problems such as marketing, exporting, finance or office automation
Economic regional agencies (local councils)
  • applications for government grants
  • achieving success, growth and development
  • the best structure for the business or organisation
  • relevant legislation
  • preparing and negotiating contracts you make such as leases
Small business enterprise centres
  • practical and relevant business advice on tax, marketing, tourism, planning and market research
  • business training courses and seminars

These are just some of the more common sources of help. There are many other organisations you can go to for advice. Family and friends who are in business or have had experience with running organisations can also be helpful.