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For individuals & families
Te hunga takitahi me ngā whānau
For individuals & families: As a parent

Nominate someone to act on your behalf

Did you know that you can authorise another person to act with us on your behalf to help you with your tax affairs?

If you're a child support customer you can authorise us in writing, or verbally, to release information from your child support records. An authorised person can discuss your child support affairs, but can't authorise forms or take other actions on your behalf. Please call us on 0800 221 221 if you want more information about this.

Only an individual can be set up as a nominated person to act on your behalf. A non-individual such as a company or a partnership can't be a nominated person.

How to nominate someone to act on your behalf

You can:

If you are ... you can phone us on ...
a personal tax customer
0800 227 774
a business tax customer
0800 377 774
an employer
0800 377 772
a student loan customer
0800 377 778
a child support customer
0800 221 221


If you are overseas, call one of these numbers:

If you are a ... you can phone us on ...
personal tax customer
64 4 978 0779
business tax customer
64 4 978 0779
student loan customer (resident)
64 4 978 0779
student loan customer (non-resident)
64 3 951 2020
child support customer (from Australia)
1800 504 042
child support customers (rest of the world)
64 9 984 2537

We'll ask you for the following details so please have them handy to speed up the process:

  • the full name of the nominated person
  • the tax types you want the nominated person to act on
  • the period for which the nominated person is to have authority to act
  • the nominated person's IRD number (if you have it).

Why should you have a nominated person?

A nominated person is useful when you:

  • know you're going overseas for an extended period
  • would like someone other than a tax agent to look after your tax affairs
  • aren't able to contact us during work hours due to personal circumstances
  • just find it easier to have a friend or relative deal with us
  • have a wage clerk or in-house accountant dealing with your tax affairs.

Who can set up a nominated person?

If the nominated person will deal with … then the nominated person …
your personal records must be set up by you.
a non-individual's tax affairs (for example, a company)

can be set up by :

  • a company director, or
  • a trustee or estate administrator, or
  • an Executive Office Holder of a club or society, or
  • a partner of a partnership.

You can't set up a nominated person by email for security reasons.

What does a nominated person have access to?

You can have a nominated person for just one tax type (eg, income tax) or, if you're running a business, you can nominate someone to have access to several (or even all) of your tax types. A nominated person can also receive all your statements, refunds and other correspondence.

Validating a nominated person

When the nominated person rings us, we'll confirm their identity by getting them to tell us details about themselves. Once this screening process is completed, we can discuss your tax affairs with them.

Cancelling a nominated person

If you no longer want a nominated person to have access to your records, you can cancel their authority at any time.

Your responsibilities

Having a nominated person doesn't change your responsibilities. By law you're still personally responsible for your tax obligations.

Your nominated person will have access to your personal information and can act on your behalf, so you'll need to make sure they're someone you trust.