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Te hunga takitahi me ngā whānau

Working for families tax credits and child support when you retire

If you retire from your job, your employer must deduct the correct amount of tax from your retirement payment. However, this payment could affect the amount of working for families tax credits you receive or the amount of child support you are assessed to pay.

If you ... then you should ...
are receiving working for families tax credits and let us know about the change to your income, as retirement payments increase the family income for the year in which they are received.
have been assessed to pay child support complete the Child support change of circumstances (IR116) form. You can complete this form online, or print it out, complete it and send to us.

Change of address or phone number

If these have changed, please contact us so we can update your details, and keep you up to date with information that may affect you. Go to "Get it done online" >"Changed your address and phone number?" or "Forms and guides" to use our Have you changed your name, address or phone number? (IR238)  form.