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Date publishedTitle and description
26 May 2016 Charitable organisations and community housing
  Community housing entities may be entitled to a tax exemption on their income and be granted donee status.
25 May 2016 Budget 2016 announcements
  The Government has announced the tax changes as part of Budget 2016.
25 May 2016 Charitable organisations and the student loan scheme
  If you're an approved charitable organisation, and a student loan borrower is or will be working overseas for you as a volunteer (or for a token payment), they can apply to us for an exemption to keep their entitlement to an interest-free student loan.
20 May 2016 Tax seminars and workshops in Taupo
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Taupo.
20 May 2016 Home-based childcare 2016 year
  Worksheet for home-based childcare service providers to calculate the standard costs available and find out if you are required to file a return of income for payments you've received for providing childcare services.
19 May 2016 Application for a non-resident GST business claimant registration
  Complete this form if you're an overseas business wanting to apply for GST registration.
19 May 2016 Overseas pensions and annuity schemes
  This guide explains your tax obligations if you have an interest in a foreign superannuation scheme or you receive an overseas periodic pension.
19 May 2016 Mileage rate for self-employed people and reimbursing employees
  If you're self-employed you can use our mileage rate to calculate the cost of using your motor vehicle for business purposes. If you're an employer you can calculate an employee's reimbursement when they use their private vehicle for work purposes. Employers may also use rates published by a reputable independent New Zealand source to reimburse their staff.
18 May 2016 We'd like you to know
  Find information and updates about Inland Revenue's activities and communications.
17 May 2016 CS 16/01 Commissioner's Statement: OECD information sharing requirements for taxpayer rulings and determinations
  This item informs taxpayers of the new OECD requirements to exchange certain cross-border taxpayer rulings and determinations with other OECD countries. The item explains which rulings will be subject to the exchange requirements and the process that will be followed by the Commissioner.
17 May 2016 National Average Market Values of Specified Livestock Determination 2016
  This determination may be cited as "National average market values of specified livestock determination 2016". This determination is made in terms of section EC 15 of the Income Tax Act 2007 and shall apply to specified livestock on hand at the end of the 2015-2016 income year.
17 May 2016 GST law change for non-resident businesses
  Changes have been made to the Goods and Services Tax Act 1985 affecting non-resident businesses and the services that they supply.
17 May 2016 GST (Goods and services tax)
  GST is a tax on most goods and services in New Zealand, most imported goods, and certain imported services. It is added to the price of taxable goods and services at a rate of 15%. We refer to taxable goods and services as 'taxable supplies'.
16 May 2016 Tax code declaration
  Form for employees to complete when starting their job or changing their tax code.
12 May 2016 Tax seminars and workshops in Whangarei
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Whangarei.
12 May 2016 New Zealand tax residence questionnaire
  This form can be used to tell us if you are arriving, have arrived in, are leaving or have left New Zealand so we can tell you your tax residence status and if you have any further New Zealand tax obligations.
12 May 2016 Voluntary disclosure
  A voluntary disclosure is when you tell us what is wrong with your tax returns before we find out in some other way. It may be if you have omitted some income from your return or incorrectly claimed expenses. Anyone can make a voluntary disclosure - salary or wage earners, individuals, businesses, trusts and employers.
11 May 2016 Student loans - going overseas
  This factsheet explains how to manage your student loan if you're going overseas and what happens when you return to New Zealand.
10 May 2016 A guide to foreign investment funds and the fair dividend rate
  This guide explains the tax rules relating to the foreign investment fund (FIF) rules and sets out obligations for investors.
06 May 2016 Use-of-money interest rates change
  The use-of-money interest rates on underpayments and overpayments of taxes and duties have changed, in line with market interest rates.
06 May 2016 Tax seminars and workshops in Timaru
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Timaru.
06 May 2016 Tax seminars and workshops in Queenstown
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Queenstown.
06 May 2016 Tax seminars and workshops in Invercargill
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Invercargill.
05 May 2016 Paying yourself from your business
  If you're in business, you will need to pay yourself to meet your personal living costs. How you do this depends on the business structure you are operating under.
05 May 2016 TIB Volume 28 - 2016
05 May 2016 Tax seminars and workshops in Ashburton
  Information on tax seminars and workshops being held in Ashburton.
05 May 2016 Foreign currency amounts - conversion to New Zealand dollars (for the 12 months ending 31 March 2016)
  This article provides the exchange rates acceptable to Inland Revenue for converting foreign currency amounts to New Zealand dollars for the 12 months ending 31 March 2016.
05 May 2016 Wine equalisation tax
  The wine equalisation tax (WET) is a value-based tax paid on certain dealings with wine sold in Australia.
04 May 2016 2016 review of the Commissioner’s mileage rate for expenditure incurred for the business use of a motor vehicle
  Inland Revenue has concluded a review of the Commissioner’s mileage rate and advises the rate for the 2016 income year results in a reduction to the rate to 72 cents (from 74 cents for 2015) per kilometre for both petrol and diesel fuel vehicles.
04 May 2016 Use-of-money interest (UOMI) rate change
  Effective 8 May the UOMI rates on underpayments and overpayments of tax will change.