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Annual Report 2004

Download our Annual Report 2004 or read it online.

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Download "Preface" ›

PDF | 93kb | 4 pages
Commissioner's introduction

Download "Commissioner's introduction" ›

PDF | 138kb | 8 pages
Our structure and governance

Download "Our structure and governance" ›

PDF | 138kb | 8 pages
Part one: Delivering on our outcomes

Our outcomes relate to our four primary business areas: taxation, child support collection and distribution, family assistance and paid parental leave distribution and student loan repayments.

Download "Part one: Delivering on our outcomes" ›

PDF | 64kb | 6 pages
Part two: Advising on and implementing key government policies and initiatives

Inland Revenue's Policy Advice Division, together with The Treasury, advises the government on all aspects of tax policy and social policy measures that interact with the tax system. It also drafts tax legislation and sees bills through the law-making process, negotiates and maintains New Zealand's network of double tax agreements with other countries, and forecasts tax revenues. In 2003-04 we have been involved in implementing two key government initiatives. E-government services and Working for Families.

Download "Part two: Advising on and implementing key government policies and initiatives" ›

PDF | 125kb | 8 pages
Part three: Improving compliance

Our compliance model helps us to meet our desired future by understanding the factors that influence taxpayer decisions and behaviour, and their impact on compliance attitudes and the response required.

Download "Part three: Improving compliance" ›

PDF | 392kb | 36 pages
Part four: Building capability

We need to ensure we have the right capability to meet the challenges of today and the future and achieve our outcomes. Our capability focus this year has been on further developing our people and on enhancing our processes and technology.

Download "Part four: Building capability" ›

PDF | 138kb | 18 pages
Part five: Charter report and performance measures

In terms of sections 35 and 37 of the Public Finance Act 1989, I am responsible, as Chief Executive of Inland Revenue, for the preparation of the department’s financial statements and the judgements made in the process of producing those statements. I have the responsibility of establishing and maintaining, and I have established and maintained, a system of internal control procedures that provides reasonable assurance as to the integrity and reliability of fi nancial reporting. In my opinion, these financial statements fairly reflect the financial position and operations of the department for the year ended 30 June 2004.

Download "Part five: Charter report and performance measures" ›

PDF | 348kb | 12 pages
Part five(a): Statements of Objectives and Service Performance

Summary of departmental output classes. Departmental output classes delivered by Inland Revenue during the year ending 30 June 2004, and their associated revenue, expenses and surplus or deficit are summarised below. All figures are GST-exclusive.

Download "Part five(a): Statements of Objectives and Service Performance" ›

PDF | 134kb | 30 pages
Part six: Departmental financial statements

Inland Revenue is a government department as defined by section 2 of the Public Finance Act 1989. These are the financial statements of Inland Revenue prepared pursuant to section 35 of the Public Finance Act 1989. In addition, Inland Revenue has reported the trust monies which it administers.

Download "Part six: Departmental financial statements" ›

PDF | 131kb | 22 pages
Part seven: Financial schedules for administered accounts

Inland Revenue administers activities on an agency basis on the Crown’s behalf. These activities comprise elements of income, expenditure, assets, liabilities and cash flows, which form part of the consolidated financial statements of the Government of New Zealand. The financial information has been prepared by Inland Revenue and represents extract information of the Crown activities which are administered by Inland Revenue.

Download "Part seven: Financial schedules for administered accounts" ›

PDF | 135kb | 24 pages
Part eight: Audit report

The Auditor-General is the auditor of the Inland Revenue Department (the Department). The Auditor-General has appointed me, John O'Connell, using the staff and resources of Audit New Zealand, to carry out the audit of the financial statements of the Department, on his behalf, for the year ended 30 June 2004.

Download "Part eight: Audit report" ›

PDF | 80kb | 4 pages
Part nine: Additional information

Additional information and statistics relating to this annual report.

Download "Part nine: Additional information" ›

PDF | 155kb | 12 pages