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We provide regular email newsletters about changes, updates or alerts to certain parts of the New Zealand tax system.

You can receive these newsletters by signing up to them through our subscription service.

Subscription Service

The subscription service gives you the option to ‘opt-in’ (or opt-out) of all our newsletters and to choose when they’re sent to you.

Please note our newsletters have changed with a refreshed look beginning from September 2022, with existing subscribers moved to our new system. If you have already subscribed and have not received your normal fortnightly or monthly newsletter, please check your spam folder.

You can choose to check your settings, update your preferences or cancel your newsletters at any time through the manage preferences feature on the website, or on the Manage Preferences link found in the footer at the bottom of our newsletters.

Manage my preferences

Historical newsletters and bulletins can be found in the remainder of this section.

Last updated: 23 Jul 2021
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