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New GST services for tax agents

teal banner with white text GST online changes are here
teal banner with white text GST online changes are here

Introducing the new GST section in myIR

It looks a little different but you can still do everything you used to - plus some new things. This is the first of many changes we'll be making over the next few years to make tax simpler for you.

To check out the new GST section in myIR login to your account and select the GST tab.

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Get started

Get your myIR account sorted

You need to have a myIR account for your tax agency and ensure your employees are set up to use myIR to manage your clients' GST.

Learn more about myIR access types and levels

Upload your client list

You need to upload your client list into your workspace for clients you want to work on.

  • Make sure you have written authority from your clients and that you're linked to their GST account. If you're already linked then you don't need to do this.
  • Complete the Bulk client upload template and upload it. This template is also available in the new GST section of your myIR account.



If you're a bookkeeper, your clients can grant you third party access to their GST account. This means you'll have just one logon to access all your clients' GST accounts. Find out How to grant someone access to your GST account (third party) in the video section below.

If you already have first party access to your clients' myIR accounts and you want to continue to have it for their GST account, make sure your client has re-set the permissions to allow this.

Check out our new videos

We have some handy videos to help you learn about the new GST section in myIR.

Quick tour of the new GST section of myIR

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Flash video | 4:10 mins | Transcript

How to link and delink a client for GST through myIR

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Flash video | 3:13 mins | Transcript

How to manage account access for your employees

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Flash video | 1:56 mins | Transcript

Find out how to:

  • filter to only show you clients with due or overdue returns or overdue payments
  • transfer a GST credit to another GST account or period
  • transfer a GST credit to another tax type.


Plus four more to help customers who manage their own GST:

Quick tour of the new GST section of myIR

 Find out:

  • where to file and amend a GST return
  • how to edit your profile (including how to update your email address or choose how you'd like to receive notifications from us)
  • how to update your refund bank account or payment bank account.

How to make a GST payment through myIR

How to grant third party access to your GST account

How to grant first party access to your GST account


Managing your clients' GST online is now easier

What's changed

GST returns

You can:

  • file clients' returns individually or in bulk  (please use our Bulk GST returns template).
    • This includes filing any overdue returns for periods ending 30 April 2014 onwards.
    • The Bulk GST returns template is also available in the new GST section of your myIR account.
  • include attachments with your clients' GST returns or in messages to us (previously known as Secure Mail).
  • request amendments to filed GST returns for periods ending 30 April 2014 onwards
  • request an instalment payment plan to pay off GST debt - in most cases you'll receive immediate confirmation and approval.

Account information

You can:

  • access your clients' GST account information including statements, notices and letters for periods ending 30 April 2014 onwards
  • see which clients' returns and payments are due or overdue with search and filter functions.

GST refunds and transfers

  • All GST refunds are now paid directly to a bank account. You can update your clients' and your agency trust and business accounts at any time in myIR.
  • For international bank account details, contact us through our online message service (previously known as Secure Mail).
  • You can view the status of client's GST refund and request the refund be transferred to:
    • another period
    • another GST account
    • an existing debt through the GST return, or
    • to another tax type by making a separate request.
    • (transfers of other types of tax credits can be made using the usual 'Financial transfers' option in myIR).

Alerts and notifications

  • You can receive email and/or text notifications when you have new client letters, messages, return and payment alerts (for example overdue return alerts).
  • Learn more about alerts and messages

Managing your own agency's GST through myIR

Your agency will also benefit from the improved online services for GST. For example, you can now make a payment: 

  • when completing your return by authorising a direct debit.
    • You must have sole signatory on the account. If you have a joint account, you can use this as long as either party can authorise a withdrawal on their own.
  • at any other time by direct debit or by using your Visa or MasterCard.

Remember there's no need to log out of your myIR account to make a payment and you can also schedule the payment for the due date.


Tax agent web service (TAWS)

GST transactional information is not currently available in the TAWS service (also known as daily B2B).

In the meantime you can get your clients' GST information through the new GST section in myIR. Go to the client's GST account, or go to 'Manage Payments and Returns' under Clients Accounts and select 'Transactions'.

Download instructions for this process

(PDF | 193kb | 2 pages)

Online (unauthenticated) GST return form

Although we've changed the look of the unauthenticated GST return form, the fields remain unchanged. Remember this form will be discontinued on 30 June 2017. Make sure you're set up to manage your clients' GST through your myIR account before then.


As GST notices and GST debt letters can be viewed and retrieved from the new GST section in myIR, these are not available in E-File.

Five forms are no longer used for GST (although they are still available for other tax types). These are:

  • Update client information (AM001 & CR001)
  • Retrieve client information (AM101)
  • Lodgement status report (AM103)
  • Order stationery (AM104)
  • Notice of Assessment (IT001)


Other improvements and updates

Keep informed about other GST related updates, including quarterly filing frequency and tax types.

Filing by software

If you're currently filing by accounting software, there's a change to the authorisation page once you've submitted your GST return. It's the same as the myIR login page and an additional screen will pop up asking for your permission to allow the software provider to submit the GST return on your behalf.


myIR mobile app

The myIR mobile app is no longer available. Please file GST returns through myIR which can be completed on any electronic device.