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GST (Goods and services tax)

Receiving a GST refund from us

Payment of refunds

If you have given us your bank account details your GST refund will be direct credited to your bank account. If we don't have your bank account details we send your refund by cheque.

Your refund will be direct credited or paid by cheque within 15 working days of us receiving the return, unless we notify you that we intend to withhold payment or investigate the return. Your GST return will have a due date on it, which is the date you need to get the completed GST return to us.

Ways to give us your bank details:

You can:


If your refund is under $5 we normally don't issue you a refund but carry it forward to the next period instead.

Transfer of refunds

Electronic GST return


When you file your GST return through myIR you can transfer your refund to another account or to arrears that are being paid off by an instalment arrangement instead of being refunded.

Accounting software

You cannot request for your GST refund to be transferred when filing through accounting software. If you wish to request a refund to be transferred, you'll need to file your return through myIR for that period.

However, you can still request an offset of your GST refund to your provisional tax if you are filing a combined GST and provisional tax return through your software.

Paper-based GST return

If you file your GST return via paper, you need to include a note with your GST return requesting the refund transfer. 

Your note should include the following information:

  • that the transfer is for arrears currently under an instalment arrangement
  • the name and IRD number to whom the transfer should be made
  • whether the taxpayer is an associated person
  • the tax type and period, and
  • the date you would like the transfer to occur.

Interest on refunds

We pay interest on refunds and overpayments of GST for amounts over $100.

Interest on GST refunds is calculated from the latest of these days:

  • the 16th working day after the GST return is filed, or the day after the due date for filing the GST return, whichever comes first
  • the day after the GST return is filed, or
  • the day following any overpayment.
Additional information

Current and past interest rates

Withholding a refund

We can withhold payment of a refund to you in some situations:

  • A refund, or part of a refund, may be used to pay any other taxes you owe, for example PAYE deductions or income tax.
  • If you have not filed a GST return for any taxable period, we may hold your refund until you send the overdue GST return.
  • If we aren't satisfied with your GST return we will not release your refund until we have checked any problems.

In these cases, we'll contact you for clarification on how your refund is being calculated.

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