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If you have requested your GST refund be paid out to you, we'll pay it to your bank account within 15 working days from when we get your return.

If your refund is under $5 we'll carry it forward to the next period instead of paying it to you.

You usually need a New Zealand bank account for us to pay a GST refund to, unless you are a non-resident business registered for GST.

You can update your bank account in myIR when you file your return.

Update my bank account details

Transferring your GST refund

You can request your refund be transferred to another GST period, account type (such as provisional tax) or a different customer.

You can make this request at the time of filing your return in myIR, or by contacting us.

Your request should include the following information:

  • the name and IRD number of the customer you want the refund transferred to
  • if the customer is an associated person
  • the account type and period
  • if your transfer is going to arrears under an instalment arrangement.

The date the transfer is made with will depend on when you filed your return.

We will not pay your refund in some situations

We will not pay your refund to you in some situations. These situations include:

  • using a refund, or part of a refund, to pay any other taxes you owe
  • waiting for you to file an overdue GST return
  • when we require more information from you.

If we are not going to pay your refund or we need further information from you to be satisfied with your return, we'll let you know.

Interest on GST refunds

We pay interest on GST overpayments when they are more than $100.

If you file your GST return before the due date, interest starts from the day after the earlier of the:

  • 10th working day after you file your return
  • original due date for the GST return.

If you file your GST return on or after the due date, interest starts from the day after you filed your return.

Last updated: 23 Jun 2021
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